How Fitness Trackers Can Barge Us Out From Our Sedentary Lifestyle

You are bound to slowly lose your muscle strength and tone if you like being a couch potato all day long. And in case if you have been shying away from exercising for months, then it might take just a few weeks’ time to yield results. Switching between programs can also lead to faster results even if you engage in strength training on a routine basis. Our body comprises of 300 different joints which help us in twisting, turning and bending with ease. In spite of being at the receiving end of such potential, we like to spend our time lazing away and binging over junk food on weekends rather than going for a morning jog or afternoon swim.

In such a scenario, a fitness watch can be our solitary means of salvation if we wish to walk down the healthy tracks of living once again. It has been accredited to increase our motivation by providing constant feedback about our health which in turn can trigger us to workout with greater zeal.

• Working Mechanism

A simple lever mechanism is used by the old-style pedometer which activates a switch whenever you take a step. In this way, they offer a precise estimate of the number of steps taken by the wearer in spite of losing accuracy over time. Information pertaining to distance travelled or calories burned is inferred from number of steps and stride length tracked by the pedometer. The modern-day activity trackers which have been sufficing the requirements of fitness enthusiasts since 2012 have been making use of a much more advanced technology for keeping a tab on your movement in three dimensions. Rather than just steps taken backward or forward while walking or running, these smart devices can detect any motion by employing its three-axis accelerometer.

• Risk Of Sedentary Lifestyle

Researchers had conducted a study on more than 220000 Australian adults in 2012 before establishing the fact that prolonged sitting could even lead to death. The study also hinted at various age-related diseases such as diabetes and heart-ailments which can take shape as a direct effect of sitting for too long.

• Accuracy Of Modern Day Fitness Trackers

A study conducted in 2013 drew comparisons between data from a room calorimeter and commercially-available electronic trackers such as Fitbit on calories burned as well as treadmill readings on distance travelled and steps taken. The researches revealed optimum accuracy regarding step counts but the story took a complete different shape when it came to other data as the first generation FitBit monitor underestimated energy expenditure by almost 30%.

• Motivating Factor

These fitness trackers are an absolute hit amongst people who love data and feedback. You are bound to be feel accountable when you can clearly view your activity levels and know that the tracker is checking it constantly. This is bound to boost you up for working harder as you will try to cross over the milestones set ahead of you. The trackers record data pertaining to distance, pace, intensity and duration of exercise so that you can track your progress accordingly. You will thus do anything and everything to keep up with your past accomplishments in the upcoming days while walking towards the path of ushering in a healthier tomorrow.

If you wish to slow down your biological clock by moving around more and saying no to your sedentary lifestyle in the upcoming months, then these activity trackers can be your perfect companion. They can make you more active by keeping a log of everything ranging from the time you spend sitting to daily steps taken, sleep patterns, heart rate, any much more.

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