Enjoy the Natural Setting of this Khao Yai Hotel

Enjoy the Natural Setting of this Khao Yai Hotel

The dusitD2 khao yai hotel is unlike any other hotel you’ve visited in Thailand. Set in the middle of Khao Yai National Park, this hotel actively encourages its guests to experience the great outdoors and the beautiful, natural surroundings of the hotel and park. 

The hotel is set among lush grounds and gardens that include an outdoor swimming pool, and an artificial rock-climbing wall where inexperienced guests can learn the tips and tricks involved in the sport and the more experienced guests hone their skills and abilities. 

It also included a fully equipped and air-conditioned Fitness and Health Centre where active guests can give themselves a good workout before setting out to explore the trails of the national park. 

Family Weekend Getaway

It’s never too early to introduce the younger members of the family to the wonders of nature. This Khao Yai hotel welcomes families who want to spend a weekend out of the city and expose their children to all the joys of a nature hike together with the family. 

If your little ones are not eager, or too young to take on the exertions of that a hiking trip can entail, the dusitD2 khao yai is happy to provide babysitting services upon request. 

Excellent Dining Choices Amid Natural Beauty

The dusitD2 khao yai offers three signature restaurants where you can enjoy fresh and healthy meals while you gaze out upon the natural surroundings. 

The Musi Grill offers all-day dining consisting of a sumptuous breakfast buffet and lunch and dinner a la carte dishes, with both Thai and international cuisines available. 

The Lounge serves light meals all day long. It’s also the place to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning and a cigar at the end of a busy day. 

Cocoon is a unique dining experience. Small groups of up to six are invited to make their reservations to dine in the Cocoon’s treetop dining pod where they can look up at the stars while they enjoy a hearty meal of international favourites. 

End your day at the D-Bar by the swimming pool of this Khao Yai hotel and enjoy a drink while you make plans for tomorrow’s adventure in the national forests surrounding the hotel. 

Outdoor Lifestyle of Khao Yai

There are plenty of activities to keep your day busy in this natural environment. The hotel is happy to provide guidance trails to explore and birds and animals you should watch for. Canoeing is also a popular pastime and one the entire family will enjoy. There is even a nearby Alpaca farm that the younger members of the family will be delighted to visit. 

With indoor meeting facilities and outdoor adventures, this Khao Yai hotel has something to offer business travellers as well as couple and families. 

Experience the wonders of Khao Yai National Park. Book your accommodations today to get away from the city and explore the great outdoors at dusitD2 Khao yai.  

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