How to Compress PDF without Losing Quality?

Sometimes our PDF files can be too large. Large files are easy to read, but can be difficult for storing and sending. As such, there may be times where you want to reduce the size of your PDF file without losing resolution or quality. Today we will teach you how to do exactly that:

Best Free Way: Compress PDF Files Using PDF Wiz

StarzSoft PDF Wiz is a free PDF converter that not only allows you to convert your PDF files, but also allows you to compress and edit them. This conversion tool is quick, simple to use, and won’t reduce the quality of your PDF files. In addition, you can trust that when you use PDF Wiz, your privacy will not be compromised, nor will the safety of your computer. With PDF Whiz you can:

  • Select from 3 different modes to compress your PDF files
  • Compress multiple PDF files at the same time
  • Compress your files with lightning fast speed
  • Compress your files while still maintaining quality and resolution
  • Compress your files offline to ensure that your files are kept safe and private

And the best thing about PDF Wiz? It’s 100% free to use, and gives you free access to the entire toolkit and all of its features.

Here’s how to use PDF Wiz to compress your PDF files without losing resolution:

Step 1: Download and install PDF Wiz to your computer

Step 2: Launch PDF Wiz and select “Compress PDF”

Step 3: Select the file you would like to compress by clicking “Click to add file”, or by dragging and dropping into the program

Step 4: Click “Compress” and wait for process to complete

Step 5: To open file, click “open” and select file location.

Option 2: Using Adobe Acrobat DC

If you have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, you can also use it to convert your files. Keep in mind, however, that this is only a good option if you already have the software program. If you don’t you will have to purchase it.

Here’s how to use Adobe Acrobat to compress your files:

Step 1: Open the Optimize PDF tool from the Tools center

Step 2: In the open dialogue box, select the file you would like to compress and click “Open”

Step 3: In the top menu, select “reduce file size”

Step 4: A dialog box will open. Use the drop-down menu to select your desired file version compatibility. Click “Ok”

Step 5: A “save-as” dialog box will appear. Create a name for your file, and select the location you would like to save it. Click “save”

Again, Adobe Acrobat is a simple and easy way to convert your files, but must be purchased for use. Unless you have other uses for the program, it may not be worth the money to buy Adobe for a single compression.

Option 3: Using an Online Converter

Another way to compress your PDF files is to use an online converter. These converters are generally quick and easy to use, and are convenient because they can be accessed from anywhere with a wifi connection. One popular online converter is Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Near the bottom of the window you will see a “choose file” option. Select this.

Step 3: Select the PDF file that you would like to compress

Step 4: Click on “open” and wait for process to complete.

Step 5: Once compression process is finished, select the “download file now” option

Step 6: Select the location you would like to save the file and click “save”

Again, this option is a very quick and convenient way to compress your PDF files, but it is not without it’s downfalls. First off, many online converters reduce your image quality when compressing your PDF files. Many online conversion programs also limit your file sizes, so they won’t allow you to compress or work with larger PDF files. Most importantly, however, is the fact that online conversion programs can put your privacy and your computers safety at risk. Anytime you download a file from an unknown source, you are putting your computer at risk of Viruses or Trojans. And anytime you upload a file online, that file runs the risk of being seen by others, putting your privacy at risk.

A better option? Stick with a downloadable program like PDF Wiz. Because PDF Wiz is a file converter that you download and use offline, there is no risk of privacy invasion, nor is there a risk of downloading a virus or Trojan. Like online file conversion programs, PDF Wiz is simple to use, and can compress your files at lightning fast speeds – but all the while, while still maintaining your image quality.

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