Simple Ways To Save Money Every Day

No matter how the economy is doing, it’s always a good idea to save money. Having a little stash of cash for a “rainy” day will give you a sense of security like nothing else. We live in a very inconsistent world, and it pays to plan for the future.

If you’re not sure how to start saving money, take some time to read through this brief article. Here is a summary of a few ways to begin saving money today and every day to come.

Cook your meals at home

There are numerous benefits to cooking your meals at home. You can eat much healthier when you cook your own foods. You can cook meals ahead of time and free them for safe storage.

Working a busy career throughout the week makes it hard to prep food daily, so freezing stocked food is a convenient money-saving remedy. Get a handy lunch box or tote bag, and pack healthy, home-cooked meals for lunch each day. Your body will thank you.

Carpool or use public transportation

You can save hundreds on gas each year by carpooling or using public transportation, especially if you live in a large city. Saving money is all about catering your lifestyle towards a thrifty existence.

Carpooling also helps to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment around you. If you’re close enough to your destination, walking benefits your body and the Earth.

Use discount apps for online shopping

There’s a lot money to be saved when shopping online. Whether you’re buying groceries, clothing or just about anything else, there are almost always some kind of discounts and coupons you can use to purchase your goods cheaper.

As an example, Join Piggy has developed an app which automatically applies any discounts available at the moment of purchase for your desired product.

You can get Macy’s cashback and discounts on many other popular brands.

Cut that outrageous cable bill

If you’re still paying over a hundred bucks a month for your television viewing pleasures, you’re cheating yourself out of lots of money. Today’s viewing technology has created far too many, less expensive, alternatives to traditional cable to be paying an arm an a leg every month.

Get a Roku, and purchase a subscription to Netflix and Hulu. You’ll have more television than you can ever watch, and you won’t cry every month when the bill is due.

Give large purchases 48 hours

Far too often, our money escapes us through an on-the-spot purchase that may or may not have been necessary. You go home, and feel a knot in the pit of your stomach over the mass amount of money you just spent.

Free yourself from purchase regrets, and set up a strict 48-hour purchase rule. For every large purchase you consider, give yourself 48 hours to decide whether or not it is a necessary and efficient way to spend your money.

Buy second hand whenever possible

There’s no shame in purchasing second hand materials for your home and for your closet. Thrift store shopping is a great way to clothe the family on a budget. You can also find some great deals on used furniture to spruce up your home’s comfort.

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