Don’t Let Your Guard down This Summer: Call Professional Shredders

Finally, it’s summertime! This is the season for getting out of work a bit early on Fridays to spend time with friends and loved ones relaxing outdoors. After a long, cold and dark Canadian winter, we all deserve it.

But don’t get complacent during this enjoyable time of year; your business may have vulnerabilities that could open it up to a data breach. It’s important that you make sure your company keeps its data from falling into the wrong hands.

Here is how professional shredders can help.

Secure and Convenient Paper Document Destruction

Even offices filled with the latest electronics and a paper-free ethos still have a collection of papers that have accumulated over the years. It could be anything from old contracts, banking information, business proposals, tax records, or something else.

If a competitor got their hands on this, they could use it to undermine your business or harm you in some other way. You can trust the document experts by taking their advice: don’t leave these potential data liabilities in your possession, get them professionally shredded.

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The industry leaders in professional shredding make secure paper document destruction easy. For smaller jobs, they can come to your facility and shred the paper right in the street from their mobile shredding truck.

For larger jobs, they can come and pick up the paper documents and bring them back to their facility, where they will be shredded. Either way, you don’t have to worry about transporting heavy paper boxes.

Commercial Data Destruction

The world is filled with electronic devices storing data — many of them are in our pockets, and inside our office. In the course of doing business you accumulate records containing personal data about employees, and other sensitive information which must remain confidential. If old electronics have such information on it, it’s safer to have them professionally destroyed.

Throwing them out in the garbage isn’t enough: the microchips need to be sufficiently destroyed so the data cannot possibly be recovered. You don’t want to open yourself up to legal liability, or have your business get targeted for things like blackmail.

If your office has old hard drives, flash or USB drives, back-up tapes and drives, laptops and tablets, cell phones, and even photocopier and printer memory cards lying around, get them shredded before it’s too late.

It’s understandable that a person may first think of hard drives or cell phones when they think about which electronics devices are vulnerable to a data breach, but sensitive information needs to be destroyed wherever it is stored, no matter how seemingly unlikely the place.

While it may be the more high profile data breaches affecting multinational companies and powerful political parties that get the bulk of the media attention, data breaches can affect companies of all sizes. Summer is the time to enjoy nature with friends and family, but don’t get caught with your guard down — if you have potential data liabilities, get them patched up today by professional shredders. 

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