Why It’s Important to Build A Community Around Your Tenants?

92% of the building owners believe that amenities around the community positively attract and retain tenants. If you are one of the building owners then you must know how many big challenges you face in attracting and retaining them.

However, if you overcome these ordeals, there are big wins in creating a coherent environment for your tenants. This way not only your property visibility to potential tenants increases but it also reduces the vacancy rate. Being a landlord, you have the advantage of promoting the social side of your community where you take just a few steps to strengthen the community relationships with maximum benefits possible. It will bring a huge difference to quality living standards in a local community.

As you know, technology has advanced in the way people communicate with each other. Instead of building a physical community, they have become more accustomed to building an online social community. It has led to people forgetting about the person standing next to him, walking around him or the neighbor living right next door. 


Think Socially – Go Social

So, the solution to the problem is this evolving technology. Use social media to create a connection with your tenants. It is a great initiative towards being social for yourself and your renters. You can use the technology to build a social network page for your tenants which will help them to get to know each other.  

Create a page or a group on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter for the tenants who share a common central location that is owned by you. It will foster more personal relationships with your tenants. They will learn about upcoming community events, social gatherings, kitty parties or any other social welfare activity through your page. 

You can also make short major announcements or updates regarding the laws, rules, and regulations set by the government. And hash tagging is the best way to spread the message to other prospective clients looking for some condo or unit to live in your locality. To achieve the goals sooner than later, take active participation in building community reflects, care and credibility. 

Despite, all being said that’s the good but weakest method of communication where there is less absurdity of community people to consider it seriously. And that’s not a good sign of strong community though. 

Signs of Strong Community- How to Build 

The most visible sign of a strong community is that as soon as you enter the apartment building, you come to see how cohesive the residents are. What is their behavior to each other? How they greet and smile at each other? Or how do they keep the corridor premises clean and tidy and much more? 

Steps to Build a Strong Community For Your Tenants 

To get more into the matter as an active role, you will have to take the responsibility on your own and follow these steps to build a community for your tenants. 

1- Visit the community premises on and off the weekdays. 

2- Be friendly and make instructions among the tenants when necessary because the landlord wants to be friends.

3- Engage tenants in your communication flow.

4- Make community members start a dialogue about the building and future improvements that can be implemented. 

5- Bring in some common interests to develop stronger ties. 

6- Arrange monthly or quarterly community events. 

7- Set the reasonable emergency apartment and building policies in more support to tenants. 

8- Encourage the tenants to take active participation in co-curricular activities of the community.

9- For successful accomplishments, host a clean-up party upfront socialization.

10- Arrange welfare activities and ask the residents if they want to volunteer and help the needy commercial tenant appreciation event ideas.

11- People have diverse daily needs so utilize the space in a way that inhabitants can get benefit from it. 

Plan Wisely – Plan Timely  

Planning wisely is a necessary element the property manager should have. Getting ideas from the tenants or giving them a chance to share their ideas and ways to improve the living community will bring them to trust in you and confidence. It will ultimately promote the best landlord-tenant relationship while keeping retention rates high.

Moreover, you can go beyond social media to cultivate better tenant relationships. You can opt for any digital technology that can simplify the communication between you and your renters. Use digital technology in most of your benefits to sending direct emails while saving the expenses, time and money. 

Apart from this, you can monitor the tenant’s special preferences or your personal milestones to encourage healthy engagement. Finally, yet importantly, only the right combination of resources, creativity, and technology can pay off the right milestone you have always endeavored for.  


There are vibrant eventualities to have a tenant-oriented approach. More or less, similar is the case with the Cape Cod vacation rental property management system of the property managers here. Therefore, you should hire the top property managers to improve the experience for you. For more ideas and the importance of amenities and a sense of building a strong community, they are always ready to help you. They will use a result-oriented approach to convert your products (Building) into services (Community Building). And that’s a win-win situation for you both short and long term. 

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