What To Look For When Reading Plumbing Reviews


When you are in need of a plumber, the last thing you want to do is pick up the phone to contact a company you know nothing about. How do you know that plumber is qualified? The easy answer that you won’t know until you do a little research. Never overlook the power of testimonials and online reviews, whether you get those statements from Google or directly from the website. You can learn how the plumber or plumbing company treated past clients, how satisfactory their services were, and whether or not the individual was qualified for the job.

That is why today we are going to discuss what you should look for when reading plumbing reviews, so you can choose the best plumber around.

What To Ignore

There are some reviews that you can ignore. Being able to tell the difference between substantial reviews with subjectivity and those written objectively, is key. In other words, you want to avoid the emotionally charged rants that are chock full of swearing, caps lock rage, exclamations, and sarcasm. Even if the problem that is detailed is horrible, you can expect that such objective reviews are exaggerated.

The important thing is how the plumbing company deals with this kind of negative feedback. Do they handle it with grace? Do they attempt to fix the problem that was reported or try to reason with the individual? Do they make their mistake known or explain what happened? Put more emphasis on the company, not the reviewer in these cases.

The Important Themes

When you write a review for a company or business, what do you tend to focus on? Most people are very happy to talk about negative experiences, such as what went wrong and why. However, even glowing reviews tend to have similarities. That means themes will always exist within reviews, especially if the service is consistent—for better or for worse. For example, if there are hundreds of reviews talking about how a plumber engages with the client, or if reviews repeated contain similar phrasing, such as “stay away,” “don’t use this guy,” and so on, you know that these reviews are being honest.

Themes are also within finer details. Be on the look out for answers to the following questions:

  • Do you see a pattern in the reviews, such as an uptick in positive reviews? Or has there been a downturn?
  • Has there been a recent change in management mentioned?
  • How do the employees behave with the reviewers?
  • Is there a pattern in complaints, such as one thing the company appears to have trouble with? What about positive patterns?

Topics To Prioritize

When you start reading reviews for plumbing companies, you also want to find answers to questions about the company itself. You want to verify that the statements made on the website are indeed true.

Seek out the following topics:

  • Is the plumber licensed and insured? Has anyone needed to use the insurance?
  • Does the plumber own up to warranties?
  • Does the company have hidden fees? Are they truly transparent and honest?
  • How was the emergency service, if applicable?
  • Was the plumber and customer service representatives respectful to the reviewer and their household?

Keep all the points in this article in mind when you are shopping around for a professional plumber. Reviews are one of the best ways to interpret just how good a plumbing company’s service really is. Always search for plumbers who have more positive reviews than negative ones and whose customers are continuously satisfied. That way, you’ll find the right plumber to use time and again.

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