Common Mistakes People Make When Booking a Hotel

If you travel often, you stay in hotels a lot. You can’t have friends and relatives all around. The issue is, you can never know what sort of experience you are going to have with a particular hotel. But you can avoid the following mistakes to help make it better.

Only Expecting the Best Room

Expectations always hurt! Hotels have a particular way of how they distribute check-ins. But how they evaluate who gets the best room is the real question!

It’s a surprising tidbit. People who book via a hotel website or using a loyalty membership gets the better deal. They have rooms with a view and quiet location. People who book via online travel agencies get whatever is left. It’s hard to determine how many hotel chains do this, but it’s fair to assume that this is standard practice across the industry.

If you often travel, join a loyalty program, most of them are free. These promise better room placement and other benefits.

Expecting Your Requests to be met!

Hotels don’t always miss special requests from guests. But you have to understand that most of the time, the staff is overloaded, and it can be hard to meet the specifications. Most booking sites let you make a request or add comments related to staying, but they don’t make sure these requests are met. These are only forward to the hotel, but they are too busy to entertain this request (almost always).

So, it’s better if you expect nothing; this way, you shall never be disappointed. But, if you are very specific about what you want and you need a hotel that cares for these details, then you better visit Meriton Suites.

Meriton is a chain of hotels known for its premium hospitability. The staff pays attention to detail and makes sure your special requests are entertainment. So, if you want to try them and check in with them, log on to

Miss Departure or Arrival Dates

 Most travelers are guilty of this. They make plans and don’t stick with them. It makes thins hard for the hotel and staff. They fail to keep up with your changing plans most of the times. It’s a grave travel sin, and it will cost you. This means you have paid for services you shall not receive. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can get a refund; it won’t happen.

So write down your travel details, make an itinerary, and double check details. Mind the time zone; especially if you cross the International Date Line in transit, the check-in dates can be different. So have someone look over the booking details and make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Not Using Credit Card

Use a credit card to book a room. It comes with incredible rewards you don’t want to miss. It helps even if you are not good with finances. But if you are, choose the right credit card for travels. There are several benefits of using a credit card when you travel and book accommodation.

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