Boost Your Business with These Proven Social Media Tactics

Social media seems here to stay whether you like it or not. There are over 3.1 billion people on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn among others and that number keeps growing. Social networks popularity make them an invaluable resource for businesses and entrepreneurs no matter the size. They offer a platform to connect or engage with prospects and customers.

Entrepreneurs and businesses must adopt proactive practices to fully exploit the power of social media and reap the benefits. We’ve compiled this list of the top tricks to help you get the most out of social networking efforts.

Craft a memorable profile

You’d be amazed by the number of ghost social networking profiles on the internet. Some businesses and entrepreneurs don’t even make an effort to include relevant information to help prospects.

Your profile is the first impression of you or your business on the internet. It helps people gauge whether they want to work with you or not. An outstanding social profile, like this one by David Mimran, conveys what you are about, and lets people know you’re real and open for business. Include a professional headshot or logo of your business and a summary about you.

Focus on a few relevant platforms

The internet is strewn with social networking sites that cater to almost every possible interest. You’ll find knitting social networks, professional platforms and even social platforms dedicated to cat lovers.

You can’t have a presence on every social media platform. You don’t need to be on most. Focus on the sites that work for you and your business. Find out where your clientele hangs out and establish an active presence on those platforms. Alternatively, only join the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest depending on your professional or business objectives.

Share epic content

One of the compelling reasons to join social networking sites is to build a bigger audience for your business. However, to remain relevant and visible, you must share content that resonates and helps your target audience. Curate exciting news about your business or industry and share that with your followers.

Keep in mind that social networking platforms aren’t just promotion tools, they are about connecting and engaging with like-minded people. Keep self-promotion to a minimum and instead focus on sharing helpful and epic content.

Engage with fans and followers

Connect and engage with prospects, fans and followers. It’s the whole point of joining social networking platforms. Respond to comments, like other users’ content, reshare and join relevant groups that align with your professional or business objectives.

Engaging with prospects keeps you on top of their minds and opens up opportunities for your business.

Consider paid promotions

Most social networking platforms have paid advertising options that you can leverage to reach a wider audience. They allow you to tailor adverts that target specific demographics or geographical region which makes them an effective promotion avenue, especially for local or small to medium-sized businesses.

Leverage the potential and extensive reach of social networking platforms to expand your client base and connect with prospects. The tips above will ensure you get a high ROI for your time and effort.

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