How to choose the right car to get you to work efficiently and quickly

A car is one of the biggest investments that you can expect to make in your lifetime – indeed, it may be an essential investment if you cannot carry out your work duties without it. Nor will you exactly be alone on the roads, with recent statistics having suggested that there is one car for every two people in England.

But what factors do you need to think about if you want to be sure of choosing the car that will serve you best on your daily commute?

Get cash-conscious

Your available budget will make a great difference to the car that you ultimately purchase, including whether it is new or used. But longer-term running costs are no less crucial – after all, according to the Money Advice Service, UK motorists spend on average of £3,500 annually on running a car.

Contemplate the big ‘new or used’ question

This is one of the first big decisions that you will need to make when you are looking to buy a car for work. Obviously, money will probably partly dictate your choice, and new cars offer many benefits, not least a manufacturer’s warranty and the opportunity to have the very latest, highest-performing and most efficient car.

However, used cars certainly have their advantages too, such as the chance to avoid the first big hit of depreciation that the initial owner of the vehicle had to experience.

Consider how your car will be used

Even when you are contemplating the best choice of car purely from a work perspective, it’s fair to say that not all ‘workaday’ cars are used in the same way.

Will your daily commutes be of a relatively short distance, but in slow traffic? Or will you be spending a lot of time pounding those motorways for mile after mile? How many people will need to travel in the car regularly, and will parking be an issue at your workplace?

Ask yourself whether you’d be better off with a van

There are, of course, certain types of businesses or sole traders – such as electricians or delivery firms – for which a bit more space is required to carry more people or certain specialist tools or equipment.

Far from the crude ’80s ‘white van man’ stereotype, today’s vans are frequently very refined and efficient vehicles, driven by a wide range of sophisticated professionals. Plus, with such well-known car hire companies as Leasewell also offering some pretty tempting van leasing deals right now, you don’t need to have a heart attack over the costs.

Decide between petrol and diesel

This has long been one of the most fundamental questions that those looking to buy a car have had to face – and much of it goes back to the earlier question of how you will be using your vehicle.

If you drive fewer than 12,000 miles annually, a petrol engine will probably suit you best. Diesel cars are more expensive to buy outright, so you’ll need to rack up a lot of miles for the cost savings from this fuel to make sense. Nor is a diesel car the ideal choice if you only really do short journeys.

You can find a much more detailed guide to the big ‘petrol or diesel?’ question on the Carbuyer website.

What do you think of the above advice? Have you got your own tips for how our readers can make the best choice of car for their daily work activities? If so, feel free to provide them in the comments section below.

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