There is a revolution in the offing as far as shoelaces are concerned

Shoelaces play a very important role in our daily lives. They deserve the credit for holding our shoes in place the entire day while we walk around our office and literally everywhere. They have the most important job of all your accessories. If you have loose shoelaces, that can make you conscious of the fact. You tend to walk much more slowly and labor through the process. If you wear them too tight, it can become uncomfortable. Hence, they are important.

We shall share a small story that can well prove the importance of tying shoelaces properly. Once upon a time, two hunters were walking along the forest when they saw a tiger coming menacingly towards them. The tiger has been just around 100 feet away. They started to run. One of them bent down and started tying his shoelaces. The other one chided him by saying that tying shoelaces are not going to help him outrun the tiger. The man replied, “Who is worried about outrunning the tiger? I only have to outrun you.”

It transpired that the man who was tying his shoelaces tripped over the same shoelaces and fell down. The tiger approached him, sniffed at him, and left him unharmed. The man was lucky, but not everyone else is. Hence, the moral of the story is to wear such type of shoelaces that do not cause you to trip and fall down.

Are there such types of shoelaces in the world? The answer is YES. This is the concept behind Hickies, the elastic shoelaces.

Consider the same story. How would the elastic shoelaces have helped him? In the first place, the hunter need not have to waste time tightening his shoelaces. Secondly, there would have been no chances of him tripping over the laces and falling down. It is a different matter that he might still not have been able to outrun the tiger. The fact we are trying to drive home is that you need not wear shoelaces that can cause accidents especially when you have a beautiful option in front of you.

The Hickies are the perfect solution to the cumbersome shoelaces that we encounter every day. It is tough on our part to bend down and tie the shoelaces properly. You can as well do it once using the elastic shoelaces and forget about them forever. The laces remain in place. It would be enough for you to slip on your shoes and walk away nonchalantly.

The elastic shoelaces are very simple to use in the sense that they have to pass through two opposite eyelets before you fasten them. They are elastic in nature whereby they expand and contract according to our feet movements. Hence, they offer a lot of comforts.

The hickies are very adaptive. They work according to your liking. The way people wear sneakers varies from person to person. Some individuals like loose fit while others go for regular or tight ones. With hickies, you just need to define the layout once that what kind of fit you will like. Once adjusted, they will adapt to your feet and you won’t have to do much rather than a simple slip on and off.

There are people who are conscious of how the shoes look on their feet. Although some simply say that they wear it for fitness due to which the looks do not count much, many people pay attention to the smallest details. Most of the time, they are unable to find a shoe that makes up for their level of fashion. The hickies takes away a worry as they provide a clean and streamlined look to your footwear. Not only your shoes feel nice but they look great too.

Some individuals have a problem when it comes to doing their laces. If you are also among such people, you will prefer a footwear that comes without laces. So, the hickies are the perfect solution for you.

These shoelaces are the future because the world has started accepting them in place of the traditional shoelaces. They come in various colors as well. In addition to being easy to use, these shoelaces are inexpensive. Use it to know the advantage they can give.

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