Zarek Deosaran Brings Musical Vision to Life

ZAHRIK performing prettyboy at the bowery electric - photo by Aesam Sharafaldin.
ZAHRIK performing prettyboy at the bowery electric – photo by Aesam Sharafaldin.

Growing up in George Town (Grand Cayman, Cayman islands), Zarek Deosaran’s most prominent trait was his curiosity, closely followed by enthusiasm. He recalls, “I grew up listening to music in church. I loved watching the band play. One of my earliest musical memories was being super excited to press the keys at the end of the service. I think that was when I first fell in love with the piano.” The Backstreet Boys and Linkin Park provided disparate emotional messages for a young Zarek but they were singular in their thrilling energy. At sixteen-years-old, Deosaran took the visage of someone looking for a more “acceptable” career in law or medicine while secretly pursuing the sculpting of his own songs and musical character. In 2016 he embraced the only path he could, that of a fulltime music artist. In just a few years, Zarek has journeyed from steel pan drummer to recording artist working with Grammy Award Winners to his most recent venture as a producer who empowers other artiste to realize their own sound.

ZAHRIK FLOORFETi - photo courtesy of Marwan Ramen
ZAHRIK FLOORFETi – photo courtesy of Marwan Ramen

An indication of a great music artist is that they are continually cultivating and creating musical settings for themselves. While his musical offerings date back much further, one only need to consider the past couple of years to witness Zarek’s drive. As a member of the Cayman Islands based Exploloco band (which also consisted of Nathan Chesney, Adam Stoner, Maxwell Johnson and Dylan Jackson) he helped create the Hip Hop anthem “Ride Home.” In 2021, Zarek collaborated with a number of singers and rappers on Terrence Bicycle (one of the pseudonyms for Grammy U Award Winning Artist Kai Tsao)’s “Pretty Boy.” Kai took up mixing and mastering duties for Zarek’s single “Party in My Bedroom”, written and recorded (under the name ZAHRIK) during the pandemic as an ode to party days and a refusal to have positivity squelched. In the span of two short years, the constant creative evolution of Mr. Deosaran is pronounced in these songs and various settings. He is an artist tenaciously driven to test himself in both solo and group scenarios. Much of what he creates leans into his Caribbean roots with Soca and Reggae rhythms. When asked to describe his style and identity, Zarek muses, “I’d describe my music as unabashedly vulnerable, and that’s the kind of music and artist I like the most. It’s also a bit cheeky; it reminds me of an episode of Adventure Time or the rush of biting into a gusher. I borrow a lot from Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Funk and Soca.”

His ability to find the magical part of different musical styles and voices has made Zarek one of the hottest producers in today’s New York based music scene. Current projects include producing tracks for XTINA GG’s debut EP, whose sound he describes as “Girlboss or BAD BITCH ENERGY”, and coproducing an 80’s inspired dance track for Mo Dubbs. Artists like Zarek whom are also producers have a special shorthand in communicating with other musical creatives, contributing both expertise and empathy to the recording process. There’s something intrinsically sacred about the recording process. It’s a magical space where art and emotion manifest something that was not previously in existence; something that can effect the lives of others for a very long time. Establishing an environment where songwriters and artists can bring their ideas to fruition is deeply meaningful to Zarek who states, “In the studio I’m trying to give the artist the best experience and bring their vision to life while having a good time. I love that they have a vision for their music and yet there’s space to explore different possibilities.”

Writer: Arlen Gann

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