Tips on How to Style Up Your Fashion Store

You have just opened your new fashion store, and you are all excited about your new business. You can’t wait to sell your first piece and start creating new relationships with your clients. Before you put up that ‘We’re open’ sign, remember that appearance is everything. Do not believe anyone who will try to tell you that good business is your personality only because they will be lying to you. Make sure that anyone who walks into your store will be wowed by your amazing designs and organization. We are going to look at some of the ways your store can become one custom gun cabinets to be remembered.

Style and Organize

The one thing that you want to be able to do in your fashion business is to attract attention. In order to attract attention, you have to be able to stand out. Especially if you are located in a mall where there are several other clothing stores, then you have no choice but to try and outshine your competition. If you want to separate your business from others, you can invest in a custom-made container house for your business. Here are several ways you can make that happen.

Light It Up

This is the number one secret to any kind of room, leave alone a boutique. Light is everything for a business like a fashion store. You can incorporate different kinds of lighting in your store, depending on the section of the store. These types of lighting include;

  • Ambient lighting: This is the usual lighting that you can have at the working station where your staff is working. They will need this kind of light when carrying out duties like taking client records and processing sales. This can be achieved by the use of simple light bulbs that are not too bright.
  • Accent lighting: This is lighting that focuses on a particular area of the store. As you start your business, you probably have some major pieces that you want to highlight in your store. You can use accent lighting to draw focus to those particular pieces. You can achieve this by the use of chandeliers or wall-mounted light fixtures.
  • Store lighting: This is the light for the store in general. Most store owners prefer to use LED lighting for their businesses as it draws attention and keeps customers focused on the store. LED lighting is bright and can lead a customer through an entire store. 
  • Shelves lighting: You probably have your jewelry pieces laid down on your beautifully made shelves. You need light in order to draw focus on them. The kind of light you use for your shelves should be able to bring out the exquisite features of your jewelry pieces. You can also install LED strip lights around your shelves and along with your doorway. One of the best led strip manufacturers elstar will provide you with the best lighting in the market.

Divide It Up

Create sections in your store. Do not just put everything together. Have a section for different types of clothing, including male, female, and kids sections. You can do this by placing your shelves in straight lines with walking space between to allow your clients to browse through your store. Make sure each line has one type of clothing to avoid confusing your customers.

Use Mannequins

A mannequin is a dummy that is used to display different clothes to potential customers. They give your clients an idea of how they would look when wearing a particular cloth. The secret is to invest in beautifully carved mannequins that will make your pieces look beautiful and spectacular. That will work magic, especially on female clients. Put a beautiful dress on a beautiful and nicely shaped mannequin, and trust me, it will sell itself.

Have a Fitting Booth

Invest in a nice and fancy fitting area. Your customers will need to try on some clothes to determine if they fit and how they look in them. Please don’t make a client fit a dress on top of another because there is no private fitting place. You can also set up a small lounge near the fitting booth where your clients can sit. If possible, provide some refreshments to waiting customers in order to impress them. However, ensure you observe covid 19 safety measures like social distancing and the use of hand sanitizers. You can buy hand sanitizers in bulk to get the best prices.

Install Mirrors

Mirrors have the ability to work magic in a given room. They make a space look bigger and fancier. Having mirrors around your store will enable your displays to be seen from all angles. Your customers will be able to admire your different designs all over the store. They will also use mirrors to see how they look in the clothes that they fit. Make sure you use fancy mirrors, and you can install led strip lights on the mirrors to enhance visibility.

The Bottom Line

Having the best layout in your fashion store will get you the numbers you need. You will attract the attention you need and clients will for sure flood your shop. But you have to have the best quality pieces in order for you to make actual sales. Try to go with the latest fashion trends in the market in order to attract the bigger market. With the best quality and a beautiful store layout, you can now sit back and enjoy your profits.

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