PPF Vs. Ceramic Coating: What Works for You?

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Are you confused between paint protection film and ceramic coating? Do you want to know which one is better? Many car owners cannot decide between PPF and ceramic coating since both come with unique benefits. However, both will have distinct features and unique advantages, and you cannot go ahead without knowing them. If you want to know more about PPF and ceramic coating, you can go through the following. We will cover both types and enable you to find a suitable one for your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film

PPF or paint protection film uses 100% thermoplastic polyurethane material. It is a film applied to the exterior paint of vehicles. It will preserve the OEM paint quality for a long and protect your vehicle’s exterior from damages, including chemical stains, swirl spots from the wash, and scratches. Your car will get the best protection from external and weather elements.

The benefit of the PPF is that it is resistant to acidic substances, including road grime, bird droppings, and bug splatters. Moreover, it is corrosion-free and can adopt the complex shapes of any vehicle while maintaining its natural form. It will boost the look and feel of your car since it comes with self-repairing abilities. When it gets minor scratches, it will return to its new and original look with heat contact. But there will be some downsides.

PPF is expensive and poor installations can impact its efficiency. If you consider a reliable service, you cannot expect flawless installation, and it will lead to poor results. Also, it is not permanent, and you will have to replace it after a decade or twelve years. However, when the installation is proper, you can expect all the desired benefits and supreme durability.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that can offer a microscopic layer of protection to the paint. This coating uses silica and many other ingredients to develop a chemical bond. It will prevent bugs, dirt, dust, salt, and tar from sticking to the paint. This hydrophobic layer will prevent any external contaminants and water from damaging the exterior of any vehicle. It is available in 30ml bottles but can offer the best protection against car paint. You can use a ceramic coating to protect your car paint against chemical etch marks, staining, and UV exposure. However, it will have some downsides.

Ceramic coating can get water spots, and you will have to spend more on this installation. More importantly, professional installation is a must to get the desired benefits. The installation will require time, effort, and skills.

When Can You Consider PPF and Ceramic Coating?

You can consider PPF to get the following benefits:

  • Better protection against hard water spots and scratches
  • Maximum durability
  • Prevents swirl marks
  • Seal healing ability
  • For rough driving conditions

Ceramic coating can be perfect in the following conditions:

  • To achieve cosmetic value
  • Easy to maintain
  • To get protection from contaminants
  • To boost the appearance
  • For city roads

Both ceramic coating and PPF will have some advantages and downsides. Ceramic coating will be ideal if you want the paint for an appealing look and detailed protection. PPF can be perfect when you want the best shield against major scratches and a durable solution. You can also consider dual protection and use both these types. There is no doubt that the end cost will be more, but you can get the benefits of both. If you consider both these types, you can get the hydrophobic and detailing properties of ceramic coating and the best protection and durability of PPF.

PPF vs. Ceramic Coating: Which One Is Better?

Now you know the positives and negatives of PPF and ceramic coating. Since both offer the best protection to your car’s exterior paint, you might get confused. We will discuss the differences and similarities in the following. You can go through them to find the best fit.

PPF offers better protection against any damage caused by rock chips and road debris. It can absorb damage before they touch the external paint. However, the ceramic coating does not feature a urethane film to offer the best protection but provides a glossy finish and a permanent solution. PPF offers the best protection but requires replacement once it turns yellow. Moreover, PPF might tarnish the paint’s gloss when ceramic improves it. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide, but a great PPF company can help you choose what suits you, your car and your lifestyle.

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