Jarvis talks creating engaging content and gives advice to upcoming generation of influencers

Jarvis Khattri, known around the world simply as “Jarvis” aims to create content that both entertains and influences his audience. He always tries to do good in his community and wants those that watch his videos to feel compelled to do the same. Rising to fame at the age of 16, Jarvis has matured greatly during his 4 years in the spotlight, as has his content

“Ever since I was a kid, I was always in front of a camera, making videos with my brother from gaming, to challenges, pranks, and vlogs. I always had an interest in it. I never wanted to be a social media influencer; I just enjoyed making videos, posting content and now I am blessed it is my career,” he says.

Now, Jarvis is a multiplatform content creator who has amassed well over a billion views across his social platforms with a combined following of over 12.1 million people. In the beginning of his career, Jarvis enjoyed gaming but was unsure of what content to upload. He occasionally would post a video of himself playing Call of Duty to YouTube, but when Fortnite was released and Jarvis’ innate talent allowed him to become highly competitive in the game, he became a viral sensation leading him to be signed to FaZe Clan in 2018, the number one gaming organization in the world, and gained popularity as “FaZe Jarvis”.

“I grew my channel from Fortnite initially. I was really good at the game so people enjoyed watching my gameplay,” he recalls.

People all over the world began recognizing the name Jarvis from Fortnite, which he ended up being banned from in 2019. This unexpected transition resulted in Jarvis heavily leaning into YouTube content creation with his older brother. He currently has several channels with his brother Frazier “Kay” Khattri, formerly known as FaZe Kay. The partnership seemed natural, as they were always featuring each other in their own content. The multiple joint channels were a way to give audiences easy access to see the content they enjoyed.

Teaming up with my brother seemed like a very natural and authentic thing to do. We both have our own separate channels and are always making videos with each other so we thought it would be a great idea for us to make a joint channel that we would post content that only both of us are in. It made it easier for our fans to watch the content they enjoyed. The three channels are very popular: Jarvis & Kay, which has 1.44M subscribers, Jarvis & Kay Shorts, which has 559K subscribers, Jarvis & Kay Gaming, which has 270K subscribers. Such popularity across so many channels exemplifies the level of commitment Jarvis shows to his craft.

“Jarvis is the hardest worker in the group. He shows kindness and gratitude, respects his teammates, co-workers, and employees and is always motivating people around him to be better because of how talented he is at a lot of things, inspiring people around the world. Jarvis’ discipline at such a young age is very impressive. He is very bright and incredibly creative and is able to make his ideas come to life,” says Kay.

On his own, Jarvis creates very entertaining IRL content consisting of a variety of pranks, challenges, boxing related content, and of course gaming for millions to enjoy. Jarvis has his primary YouTube Channel, @Jarvis, where he has 4.94 M subscribers and is always looking at the latest trends to maintain his audience. He began making long form content, but when TikTok rose in popularity, he started pushing and creating more short-formed content as well as regular long-formed videos.

“I like that as an influencer, you have the freedom to do pretty much anything you want. From as simple as sitting down with your friends and filming a quick 10-minute video or planning and prepping a high production version that could take multiple days to film, you are always in full control of what you post, which makes it exciting,” says Jarvis.

Despite all of his success, Jarvis remains humble, knowing from experience that in the influencing world, a misstep can almost cost your career. He aims to always be hardworking and respectful of his fans, something he encourages for anyone looking to follow in his footsteps. 

“Nowadays you can gain a following relatively easily due to TikTok. However, to make it a sustainable career you need to grow your socials across the board, especially YouTube, as I believe that is the most important platform. Creating content you enjoy and have fun making will always do better and it will help you build the right community around you. It will never be sustainable doing something you don’t like, and that goes for anything in life,” he advises.

Jarvis plans to continue the course that he is on with his YouTube content. He’s always looking for new ways to entertain his viewers and has a lot of exciting content planned for his fans to enjoy next year. 

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