What is a Windshield Stress Crack?

Cracked Auto Windshield

Stress affects us all. It can slowly build and build until finally… Crack! It gets released. But stress doesn’t just affect people; it affects things too, like your windshield. From time to time, stress on a windshield can grow until the glass reaches a breaking point and it cracks. Fortunately, windshield repair solutions are readily available at auto shops and windshield repair shops like Super Auto Glass to resolve windshield problems before they become worse, which would certainly require windshield replacement.

However, windshield cracks and chips should be repaired quickly because the longer it stays on your windshield, the longer it will take to fix. Here are windshield crack issues that should help you determine if windshield replacement is the only solution left.

Recognizing Windshield Cracks

One of the easiest ways to recognize if you need windshield repair service or a complete windshield replacement is by looking closely at the crack in your windshield. A chip on your windshield may not directly require windshield replacement; windshield repair can still do the trick.

Before opting for windshield replacement, it’s best to have a professional assess your windshield cracks and chips. There’s no shame in getting a second opinion if you cannot tell whether a windshield crack needs repair or replacement.

What To Look For

One attribute of a windshield crack to look for is its length. Windshield replacement is likely necessary if a windshield chip, crack, or fracture is longer than 3 inches. A windshield crack should not go over an inch. Chips shorter than an inch can be taken for windshield repairs, while more than an inch of windshield cracks require windshield replacement.

Another thing to look for in windshield cracks is the type of windshield chip or crack. If it is star-shaped, it means that the windshield chip has penetrated through windshield layers. It is best to go for a windshield replacement if this kind of crack has formed on your windshield.

In most windshield cracks, a chip or crack changes windshield wiper function. A windshield chip with a “U” shape indicates that the windshield fracture has affected windshield wiper blade movement. It is best to go for windshield replacement once this kind of windshield crack symptom occurs.

Windshield Chips

Windshield chips can lead to windshield cracks, especially if windshield chips are not taken seriously. Windshield crack repairs don’t take care of windshield chips.

Windshield crack repair solutions will only fill up windshield chips or dents. If windshield chips are ignored over time, they will eventually become cracks due to the glass’s weakened integrity and increased susceptibility to cracks.

Windshield Crack Repair

Windshield crack repair solutions are available for cracks less than an inch long. Cracks longer than 1 or 2 inches should be evaluated by a windshield replacement center before buying a windshield crack repair kit. This way, you can save money on windshield crack repair costs.

Windshield Replacement

If a stress crack becomes too significant, windshield replacement becomes the only option left if you want a safe vehicle. Windshield cracks that have gone beyond 2 inches should be replaced by windshield replacement service to save windshield wiper function. Cracks longer than 3 inches can penetrate windshield layers, which is why it is best to have the glass replaced.

Windshield Stress Crack Prevention Tips

Instead of waiting for cracks to occur, prevention is often the best medicine. If you do not want windshield chips or cracks, there are things you can do to help prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Here are five tips that will help you protect your windshields from developing stress cracks.

  • Avoid driving through potholes at high speed.
  • Avoid Busy Highways When Possible
  • Prevent Extreme Windshield Temperature Fluctuations
  • Protect Your Windshield from Hail
  • Always Have Auto Glass Replaced by an Experienced Professional

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