A well-invested mushroom farm is a guarantee of a good profit

Profitable mushroom farm primarily means high-quality equipment. This business never stands still. To harvest more mushrooms, while reducing production and harvesting costs and saving time, professional and modern equipment is required.

What are the factors that determine that a mushroom farm is modern but also, above all, profitable?

Mushroom farm equipment

Ergonomic lorries, with right design solutions, speed up harvesting and increase its efficiency. In the same unit of time, we harvest more, with fewer employees.

Mushroom farm lamps

On a mushroom farm, in which a form of disinfection through room evaporation is used, it’s necessary to use lamps that meet the waterproofing requirement (IP68). Only such a lamp will work smoothly for years and will eliminate the need to buy another one quickly, saving our time and money.

Mushroom growing shelving

Depending on the size of the harvest, it’s also necessary to adjust the size of the shelves. The best ones are those made of aluminum, which does not corrode, while at the same time ensuring adequate light diffusion in the growing rooms. Such shelves will serve for the entire life of the mushroom farm, without the need for replacement.

Growing nets

Made for pulling the substrate onto the shelves and pulling it out after usage, high quality growing mats will serve us for up to 15 years, to the full extent of their properties. They’re made of durable materials, they don’t pull out, they don’t narrow down.

Mushroom scales

A scale from a higher price range has a two-year manufacturer warranty. Therefore, we get a smooth and seamless operation for a long time. In addition, if you want a fully economic, portable device, a battery-powered scale will meet your expectations in every way.

Mushroom farm climate control

Control over each stage of growth, homogeneity of the harvest and, consequently, higher yields will be ensured by a medium and high-quality mushroom farm climate control system. Maintaining the highest quality of the mushrooms and saving on ventilation, heating and cooling is synonymous with a modern and efficient mushroom farm.

Mushroom picking knives

The best knives will guarantee long service life without compromising quality. Knife blades won’t dull quickly, and the handle will withstand usage for a period proportionate to the price.

Watering system

The automated irrigation system mounted under the shelves of the shelving will ensure optimized and accurate watering of the mushroom throughout the growing period. Controlled automatically, without the need for human intervention (with advanced systems, we also get access to control directly from a smartphone screen), guarantees homogeneity of yield.

Growing tunnel covers

High-quality material, with which the tunnels are covered, will guarantee their long life. For as long as 15 years, there will be no penetration or holes in such covering and full resistance to weather conditions will be maintained.

Investing in professional, modern and durable mushroom farm equipment will allow long-term gains through high yields while reducing production, harvesting, employment and maintenance costs. Effective operation of the mushroom farm will be ensured by the highest quality equipment from a proven and experienced manufacturer GROWTIME. It’s a distributor of mushroom farm equipment of the highest quality, meeting all standards, modern and fully professional.

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