How to Prep for the Return of Sports

Ever since the coronavirus brought sports to a grinding halt, fans have been eager to see their favorite teams and athletes take to the fields, racetracks, courts, and pools. But with the virus still not under control, sporting events returning to normal continues to be a distant dream. 

Luckily, there’s more than one way to watch a game.

recent study by ESPN found that 65 percent of fans are in favor of sports returning even if fans can’t be present. That number climbed even higher if extra precautions, like players and teams staying in hotels and monitoring their contact with others, were also included.

With Nascar races and the PGA tournament already underway, it’s time for all fans to start preparing for the return of their favorite sports. Keep reading for a few tips to help you do just that.

Upgrade Your TV Service

Devoted sports fans around the world have spent the last three months dreaming of the day when they can relax on their couch and flip through their TV channels to jump from one game to the next. Now that the day you can do so again is rapidly approaching, the last thing you want to do is turn on your television only to find that you don’t have the right channels.

Now is a great time to go over your current TV subscriptions and the channels you get. To make sure you’re ready for the return of televised sports, consider upgrading to a live sports package. With the right package, you can watch NFL games live and catch the rest of your favorite sports in real-time so you never miss a moment.

Since it might still be a while before you can crowd the stands and watch sports in-person, take full advantage of any programming you can enjoy now from the comfort of your home.

Plan a Socially-Distant Viewing Party

If going to a game or even tuning in from home was something you once enjoyed with friends, this quarantine likely has you feeling a little lonely. Even if you can’t host your usual Opening Day BBQ or pre-gaming party, you can still have a safe, socially-distant viewing party to celebrate the return of sports to live TV.

Set up your television on your patio and invite a couple of friends over for the game. Have each person bring their own food and drinks, maintain a six-foot distance from one another, and sanitize any common surfaces. Or, plan to tune into the game from your own homes and set up a call or video chat so that you can talk and watch together no matter where you are.

Celebrating the Return of Sports

While seasons have been postponed or adjusted, and the sports that have already come back on air have done so under strict restrictions, the return of sports is still something to be celebrated.

Whether you’re already enjoying weekly Nascar races, following the PGA tour, or still waiting for your sport to start its season, now is the time to make sure that your equipment is up to speed and you’re ready to enjoy a game or two again. Now is a great time to upgrade your live TV package, and to start planning your own socially-distant viewing party with friends.

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