Top Tips to Keeping Your Home Clean and Fresh with Pets

Pet Home

When living with a four-legged friend you can expect lots of fun and snuggles, but along with that you’ll also notice an increase in loose hair, muddy pawprints and so on. Keeping your house clean when you have pets is crucial as it’s much easier for the home to begin to smell and look dull if it’s not kept on top of. Find out how you can keep your home clean and most importantly fresh whilst living with pets and put these top tips into action. 

Clean Pets

In order to keep your home as clean as possible you need to start with making sure your pets are clean. It can be difficult to keep on top of your pets cleanliness all the time, as the simplest of activities such as a trip to the garden or enjoying a tasty treat can create mess, but by giving your cat or dog a bath or simple wash down every now and then you can keep them looking (and smelling) their best. Remember to use pet-friendly products when cleaning your pet, such as the Beaphar cleaning range or Animology shampoos, as they are designed specifically to nourish and care for your pets’ skin and coats, without any toxic chemicals that could cause them harm. You can find a great selection of pet grooming and hygiene products online at pet retailers like Petwell, with a range to choose from to ensure you get the right type for your cat or dog. 

The Right Hoover

One of the main home essentials when owning a pet is a good quality hoover. Having a hoover that can handle pet hair is so important as you won’t believe just how much hair can gather in the most unlikely of places. From the sofa to the carpet, dog hair can gather very quickly and result in unpleasant odours and allergies, so it’s important to invest in a good hoover to keep on top of this. There are some great hoovers out there that are designed to combat pet dirt, from the Dyson Animal Cordless to the Vax Air Pet Max, so you can find the right style and design of hoover to suit your cleaning needs. 

Frequent Washing

Your pet will spend lots of time playing with their favourite toys and sleeping in their cosy beds, but after a few days these items will be riddled with germs and dirt. It’s important to schedule frequent washing of your dog or cat bed and their toys to ensure they are clean and germ-free. Soft toys can be one of the most common areas for germs to gather, as not only do they become wet when chewed, they have soft materials that germs can cling to and settle on which can be harder to keep clean. For harder toys such as balls and other plastic items, you can simply wipe them down with pet-friendly antibacterial wipes like these to ensure they’re clean and fresh for longer. 

Fresh and Airy

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, your home will start to become warm from the natural sunlight which can cause certain areas to smell if they aren’t as clean as they could be. In that case, try to keep your home fresh through contract cleaning services. Also, by airing out each room daily and providing a fresh air filter, your home will feel so fresh and airy.
Try to keep your home fresh by airing out each room daily. By simply opening up the windows and letting the fresh air filter through, your home will feel so much fresher and cleaner.

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