Trevor Crane takes audiences back to 1920’s in upcoming play ‘Somewhere I Can Scream’

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Trevor Crane always felt inspired when he would see his favorite actor on screen or on the stage. He knew from a young age that he too wanted to be a part of that world, being both artist and storyteller as an actor. 

“It looked like the greatest job in the world, and the most exciting,” he said.

Now, Crane is a renowned actor in both his home of Canada and the United States, captivating audiences through his live stage work in Toronto and New York City. He is known for his comedic talents and is a member of the famous and long running NYC improv troupe Comedysportz. He is, however, incredibly versatile, never limiting himself to one style or genre, as evident in his stage performance in the suspenseful drama Sunday Morning or the heartfelt family play The Polar Express in which Crane plays the leading role of the Conductor every year during the holiday season, an experience that he deems a highlight of his esteemed career.

“I love that acting allows me to fully express my emotions when I get into a character. Doing that while entertaining an audience and making them happy is a great gift,” said Crane. 

Crane has an exciting 2020 to look forward to. On top of his work with the Polar Express live shows in New York City, he is also returning for the seventh year of the Jackie Mason Musical were he plays the titular character beside Jackie Mason’s real daughter Sheba Mason, who takes the audience on a trip through her and her mother’s life of how Jackie came to be the star he is. Crane is also set to star in the upcoming show Conversations with an Average Joe, an ensemble political play about our current partisan crisis and topical to all events happening now. Ten strangers meet in a bar after a protest rally and talk about how to fix our broken system. Crane plays the emcee and bartender who tries to calm everyone and be a bipartisan voice.

“Trevor is cooperative, congenial, hardworking, and a truly talented actor,” said Sal Anzalone, Writer/Director for Margo’s Consent where Crane played the lead role of Hunter.

Most recently, Crane is currently preparing for the opening night of his upcoming show Somewhere I Can Scream. Based upon a real-life murder investigation in the 1920s resulting in the first and only execution of an Olympic gold medal winner accused of killing his medical-student lover. The play examines evidence that he was not guilty of the crime. The case was riveting enough to be covered by The New York Times and changed the process of murder investigations in the United States.

“​It is a true story about a terrible crime, but some themes still ring true today, including male privilege or fallen heroes. It will keep the audience on their toes, trying to figure out who did the crime,” said Crane.

In the play, Crane plays the lead role of James Snook, a Professor of Veterinary Science and former Olympian, a role unlike any Crane has played before, as he had narcissistic tendencies as well and felt very elitist. James Snook is proud and cares about appearance. He has a chip on his shoulder, and he is a former Olympic winner who is admired everywhere. He engages in risky behavior to the point where it threatens his life and reputation. It was the opportunity to play such a unique role that drew Crane to audition.

​The cast is very large and still currently in rehearsals, but Crane is excited with how everything is coming together. 

“​The ensemble aspect is great, and I love going back to the 1920’s where the story is set,” said Crane. “I hope it is an educational project that opens eyes about historical events as well as entertains people. I look forward to putting it on this spring!”

Somewhere I Can Scream will make its New York City premiere on April 9th, 2020 at The Players Theatre and run through the month. Be sure to grab your tickets here.

Photo by Anthony Misiano

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