Malta Citizenship By Investment: Eligibility, Timeline, and Status

If you are one of those individuals who have spent years in the homeland making money and raising a family, it is high time that you use all the money to live a happening life. While it is not possible to transform the surroundings you live in, you can always move to new surroundings.

You can obtain a Malta Second Passport through their citizenship by investment programme and enjoy the perks of living in an EU nation as a member.

Here are some aspects of Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme that you should study first.

  1. Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP)

Malta is a high-respected EU member country that started the IIP in 2014 to offer the ultra-rich and distinguished individuals from across the world a chance to become its citizens.

Apart from being the member of the European Union, Malta enjoys other perks such as a stable political environment, growing economy, bi-partisan political scene, and incredible wealth protection with the finest banks in the world present here.

The IIP is designed and executed with utmost accuracy so that only the people with highest standing and impeccable reputation are able to derive citizenship benefits out of it.

Once the individuals have cleared the citizenship test, they are awarded Citizenship by Naturalisation, which can be further extended to their family.

  • Eligibility for Malta Citizenship

To apply for the IIP, an individual has to be above 18 years of age and should clear the four-tier due diligence procedure followed by the council.

The applicants must have a clear criminal record as the authorities conduct a flawless research for the same through INTERPOL.

Apart from being covered by an international health insurance policy, the applicants should be in good health. No applicants who are suffering with contagious diseases are accepted.

The Government of Malta has set up and National Development and Social Fund to accept contributions to the individuals who wish to become citizens of Malta. Here, the main applicant is expected to contribute 650,000 Euros along with separate fees for each additional dependent or family member that comes along. These funds are used by the Central Government of the nation to pay for social development and self-improvement projects.

Apart from contributions to the National Development and Social Funds of Malta, the individuals can also invest in the real estate, bonds, and residences in the country for obtaining citizenship.

  • IIP Timeline

Individuals planning to apply for citizenship in Malta have to be the residents of the country at the time of application and the procedure. It is approximately after 240 days of intense paperwork and formalities that one can obtain the Certificate of Naturalisation from the Malta Government.

  • Status

Once you and your spouse have obtained the EU citizenship through IIP, your children will automatically become Maltese citizens. Also, the citizenship claim is permanent and can be passed on to future generations indefinitely.

Now that you know everything there is to obtaining a Maltese citizenship, go ahead and start working for it now.

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