6 Things to Do to Relieve Sleep Deprivation

Every adult needs approximately 7-9 hours for quality sleep. Sure, if this necessity cannot be fulfilled well, it will give bad effects to your body. Your skin may look dull, the face looks pale, you cannot concentrate well and more vulnerable to illness. Dangerously, the problem of sleep deprivation that is experienced longer causes diseases like obesity and heart attack.

Of course, many reasons can just give you sleep deprivation effects. Sadly, in this modern day, some kinds of lifestyle tend to give this problem like overtime working, staring at the Smartphone screen too long, partying in the club, and more. So, it is important to care for your health and schedule your daily life well. Meanwhile, there are some tips you must follow to avoid and heal sleep deprivation.

Manage Your Sleeping Hour

In your spare time, you can make a new schedule for your daily routine. The sleeping hour must be managed well so that it will not less or more than how it should be. If you tend to wake up early for working, it means you need to sleep earlier as well. Waking up at 6 am, it means that around 10 pm, you must be on your bed. On the other hand, if you are waking up later than that time, it is okay to sleep later as well.

Turn Off All the Light Sources

You cannot separate yourself from some light sources like the lamp, computer, Smartphone, and others. But when you want to go to sleep, it is better all things above are turned off. Particularly Smartphone and laptop, they should be placed quite far from your current position.

Some people cannot sleep in the dark indeed. Well, if you are one of them, it is not bad to practice it starting from now. When the light is turned off, it helps you to have a more qualified sleeping as well as avoid health problems.

Replace Your Mattress

In many cases, sleep deprivation is caused by the bed or mattress that has not been comfortable anymore. Maybe, the pad has been thinner so that it feels so hard and coarse. Even if you can sleep well at night, other problems may come to you. They are like back pain and others.

So, the only solution is replacing your mattress. When buying a new one, make sure to choose the best mattress made from good and qualified materials. Indeed, you must need to pay more for this. But with a little more money, you can sleep tighter and be ready to do all the activities in the morning.

Exercise in the Morning

In the first point, it is stated that you can go sleep and wake up whenever you want as long as you have enough sleeping hours. But sure, the priority must be sleeping earlier and waking up earlier also. There are so many benefits if you can wake up in the early morning. One of them is doing exercises.

Exercises like stretching and jogging are proven to make your body much healthier. Moreover, if you can do it in the morning, you can enjoy the healthier sunlight also. Well, although it is only around 15-30 minutes for exercise, make sure to spare your time well. Your sleep and your life, generally, will be much better.

Avoid Too Much Carbohydrate Consumption

After eating too much carbohydrate, you can simply feel really full. Consequently, your body responds to it by being lazy to do activities. At night, you will not feel any tired at all and this is how you cannot sleep well. Okay, it is probably better if you can just sleep at noon. But if this is also something you don’t experience, your body can be worse for multiple times.

That’s why; to sleep well at night, you need to limit your carbohydrate consumption. Rather than eating foods like cake, bread, soda, and other similar things, you should consume vegetables and fruits more. There are now many recipes of healthy meals available out there. You can just try them.

Avoid Caffeine Sources

Coffee and other drinks with caffeine are often consumed to avoid being sleepy, aren’t they? Therefore, to get a more qualified sleep, you must avoid such rinks. Caffeine is a substance that stimulates your nerve system in a certain way. Therefore, you will not feel sleepy at all temporarily. But sure, consuming the drinks not in the right time, like at night, will cause some health problems. So, if you are a coffee lover, make sure to manage well your time of drinking this beverage.

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