What Are the Cell Phone Grip Alternatives to PopSockets?

Cell Phone Grip Alternatives to PopSockets

If you look around, you will see people using their smartphones everywhere, and all the time. We never had so many options on our phones, and the screens have never been bigger. The only downside is that these large screens may be tricky to operate, especially if you are a fan of single-handed phone use.

You’ve probably heard or tried PopSockets. These are hit accessories that aim to improve grip, and can also be used as a phone stand. Despite their popularity, it’s impossible to deny the fact that they are of cheap quality, and very bulky. Those are the main reasons why many people are looking for alternatives to improve their cell phone grip. For more recommendations take a look at our partners current and detailed review of the best phone grips in 2019.

Silicone Finger Phone Holder

The first alternative we are suggesting is incredibly simple and affordable. The Silicone Finger Phone Holder utilizes air compression to stick to the back of your device. That is quite convenient as you can attach and detach it anytime, and you won’t have to face any residue.

The holder provides room for one or two fingers and can improve the grip. However, keep in mind you can’t expect impressive stickiness because the product doesn’t use any abrasion.

CatTongue Grips

What’s the most important thing that a smartphone grip should have? Do you expect maximum comfort or you are looking for a high damage protection level? Perhaps you want your phone to look beautiful?

CatTongue Grips combine all three in a unique line of products that every phone owner should have. These grips come in more than 30 designs, and they are easy to apply because they are adhesive.

The crucial reason why people love these grips is their phone anti-slip feature. The moment you take this phone into your hands, you will realize that there is no risk of it slipping from them. The grips are also very comfortable to use and secure an optimal grip regardless of your screen size.

Phone Loops

The next in line of PopSocket alternatives you might want to consider is Phone Loops. As the name suggests, these have to go through the inside of your device’s case. That way, you will create a loop that has the task of providing optimal grip.

The polyester fabric seems to be the material of choice, and loops come in many different designs. The positive thing is that they don’t make their phone bulky, but we can’t help but admit that some other solutions might improve grip even better.

Love Handle

Once you mount this device, it will look like your phone has a love handle, which is the reason for this creative name. The accessory contains a plastic strip you attach to the device’s back and a band that provides room for a couple of fingers.

The band is quite stretchy, and that will ensure an amazing grip. It is also nice that you can choose the desired size and style, which means you can fit it to your preference.

Spigen Style Ring

You can find many phone rings on the market, but this one seems to be the most reliable and durable. The working process is similar to the other products on our list. You know the story, attach it to the back of the case.

However, the ring works differently because it also acts as a phone stand and hook mount. That can be convenient when you feel like watching movies, or hang the phone in your car. As for operating the device, it does a good job in providing a good grip if you want to use your phone with a single hand.

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