The 5 Content Types You Need In 2019

As an online content writer, you always want to ensure that your online content consumers get the best of your work. Not to mention also write content that performs even better in the search engines to get you Medical SEO rankings high. This isn’t usually an easy process. By word of mouth, just about anybody can write content. However, what separates your content from those of the pros is how you place your online work. You know; the tips and tricks you use to make your content rank better and interest your readers.

However, how do you do this? How do you ensure that your content performs better this year? First, start by looking back at the articles you wrote that did well in 2018 and know why they did so. You will also realize that certain types of content that you wrote were shared a lot more than the others on social media and other marketing communities. Ideally, you realize that most of the great content you wrote in 2018 fell into a more than one category. Then again, along with the conversations that your articles can create, if done right, they all have the potential to get your website to the top of the search engine results.

So, here are the top 5 best-performing types you might want to consider using on your content and clients this 2019

  1. Original data & experiments

Most people curate data, especially online content writers. It doesn’t matter whether it is to prove a point that the writer believes in strongly or inform their own next move, most of us are data-driven. And it is this thirst, the hunger to get more information about anything that we think might is relevant or interesting that drives us as a society. It is this data that people collect that they use to make decisions to make purchases or get more information about things.

As an online writer, you want to pride yourself in providing all the relevant, interesting content that your online content consumers will enjoy reading. You can start by collecting data, run them as experiments, and see how your readers respond to each of them. The fact that people are driven more by numbers and data makes this point an especially crucial one in this marketing-focused SERPs.

  • Use strong opinions

Readers are always hungry for different content all the time. Google, laws, and even the content consumers change constantly. That means that content marketing must also evolve constantly as well. Here is where you find that anyone with skin in the writing game always has an opinion on something new or different that is going on in this industry. That’s why you find that the articles that encapsulate strong opinions always perform a lot better with the readers.

Your article can drive a lot of likes, comments, likes, and overall traffic from their inflammatory nature. For marketers, strong opinions help writers get a featured snippet. Not to mention the links and attention that they can get you elsewhere which will also help boost your rankings as well.

  • Popular authors in the industry

As an online writer, you should have also realized that certain writers tend to draw more crowds online than the others. These are the kinds of people that make an impact in their readers’ lives. These are the types of people that have been in the industry for a lot longer. And by that, have managed to build themselves a mass following and get traffic solely when their names are even mentioned or quoted as the author. You also find that some online marketers are always on the lookout for these names. You can use this data to predict the trends and get insights on how they work for you.

Big names not only pull data, but they also help publish insightful pieces and show that your work has the best resources to research.

Big names in digital marketing and SEO have been ranking for some time now. These names also have recognition within the industry which can as well help build your domain based on these authors’ reputations.

  • Actionable insights and how-tos

Online marketers love actionable insights along with original data. Therefore, all you need to provide in your content is a good ‘how to’ especially when talking about something new. The same is also true for if you want to help make old tasks look easier to your consumers through your content.

Sometimes, a good horror story can also work in your favor. You know; throwing in pieces of advice on the things that your readers ought to avoid.

Provided you can get your clients with great content, then be sure that your readers will share your work. And that will mark the success or failure of your work. Then, you also want to work out how best you can transfer your content over to voice search. Thanks to technological advancements, readers now opt more for the voice assistants to do the reading work for them.

  • Social issues in the industry

Most content creators would agree that this is still an active category. But one that still deserves every bit of attention from the content creators. Search engines and marketing are getting more meta than before. And that makes this trend every bit as important as the rest mentioned in this context.

As the content creator, know that people’s opinions and side of things are always just as important. You want to try as much as possible to give voice to the issues that your readers have and also try to normalize them as well. Target those issues that you think the online industry works to keep quiet about. You will always find a significant group of people who suffer a lone with these issues. These people will be your target audience, and before long, you will have amassed a much bigger audience.

Join in the conversation of both the good and bad sides. By doing this, you’ll essentially be starting a conversation that readers will search for and even put to use.

Final thoughts

Along the primary tenets of great SEO for just about everything that we write online ought to be framed under these pillars. Do this right, and you should see your traffic and social media impact improve tremendously in 2019 and the years to come.

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