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Moving to a new place? Tired of searching for companies to move your stuff? Well, fear no more. “iMoving” is a company that offers you to have your stuff moved anywhere in the US. Fixing the despicable problems you face on your moving day; high-and-lows on the prices of moving, insolent staff, time issues or damaging your luggage, iMoving is a safe and a trouble-free service, which will move your belongings from one corner of the country to the other.

In this article, you’ll be able to find the information on how they handle your stuff and your payment. Basically, we’ll tell you how this service operates:

  • Proper screening of movers:

The company takes seriousness on their employees and the movers as they are:

  • Authenticated by the department of transportation or the local government
  • Holding a Certificate of Insurance
  • Moving stuff for the past 2 years
  • Interviewed by the iMoving team
  • Held responsible for any kind of violation

Basically, this service is a secure and reliable company in the country.

  • Calculation of the payment:

iMoving adds all of your expenses, which include; tolls, parking, traffic-waiting, gas, and mileage. They’ll add up all of your inventory, the distance and tell you the exact and fair amount of money that needs to be paid by you. There will be no change in the price, whatsoever, unless you update your stuff.

  • Payment Security:

iMoving handles the part of the payment, so you have nothing to worry about. They’ll pay the movers after 7 seven days of the delivery, which means that you have a week to make sure you have all of the belongings with you and none of them went missing.

  • Customer Support Team:

From the first day you contact the company and book your movers, a support team will stay intact with you through calls, messages, and e-mails until you are satisfied with the service. You can also contact them with your queries, matters or any kind of dispute during the service.

  • Distribution of Movers:

Their distributors are mainly divided into two groups; by State and by City.

The movers by State include moving your stuff from one state to another. They have services in California, Florida, New York City state, Texas and Illinois.

The movers by City move your stuff from one city to another, which include cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Houston and Chicago.

They have a total of 239 movers across the country; 40 in Florida, 38 in California, 25 in Texas, 23 in New York, 18 in New Jersey, 12 in Massachusetts, 11 in Maryland, 10 in Illinois, 9 in Georgia, 6 in Washington and Ohio, 5 in North Carolina, 4 in Colorado, 3 in Nevada and Rhode Island, 2 in Missouri, Connecticut, Indiana, Delaware, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Arizona.


Like all the other companies in the World, iMoving also have a set of standards and rules that they follow. Their five basic standards are:

  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Reliability
  • Honest pricing

Professionalism; this is basically the main reason for their success as it is one of the company’s guiding principles. They always strive for excellence and it is important that they hold the standards they have issued.

Transparency; one of the founding principles of the company is transparency. The company makes sure there are no blunders in the payment or your inventory on a moving day.

Respect; treating people with respect is one of the greatest milestones to be achieved by every company to attain success. iMoving makes sure that their customers are treated with the respect they deserve.

Reliability; it is the duty of the company to make sure their customers have the full trust in them. This makes the service easier for both sides.

Honest pricing; as the company employees are professional and licensed, they provide their customers with the exact price they need to pay, with no ups-and-downs, what-so-ever. The most important step to success.


iMoving is a safe and secure service. It is a reliable, fast and friendly company that is very serious about their work as they take strict measurements on their movers, to provide A+ service. We highly recommend them.

Happy moving!

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