How to apply for an E-visa for travelling to Thailand

When visiting Thailand, you can either choose to follow traditional methods of applying for a visa, which takes a lot of time, or you can apply for an E-visa Thailand. Applying for an E-visa is simple and saves a lot of unnecessary documentation printouts; thus it becomes a time-saving matter. By applying for an E-visa, you simply fill in an online form which will be emailed to you once accepted. This can be presented to border officers in order to be granted access to Thailand.


What individuals need to apply for an E-visa?

If you want to travel to other parts of the world where you are not an official citizen, you need to apply for a visa. With the application of an e-visa, there is no need for you to queue at the border in order to get a visa application approved. Since you would have done the application before travelling, the only thing you need to do is present it at the border. However, you need to ensure you fill in all sections of the application to save extra inspection time at the border.


What information is needed to apply for an e-visa?

Since you are travelling to another country, you would need to disclose all personal information as honestly as possible. If you have a criminal record against you, you are legally obligated to disclose all relevant details to ensure there are no holdups at the border. You would also need to prove your identity to eliminate the possibility of identity theft. With many individuals trying to cross borders over the globe for illegal reasons, authorities need to ensure you are not one of them. For some travellers, it might seem like a reason to target certain individuals. However, in order to keep all countries as safe as possible, it is required.


How are e-visas different from traditional visas?

When applying for a traditional visa, a visa sticker is printed and given to the traveller. However, with an e-visa, this sticker is not required as the entire application is done online and can be monitored and tracked in real time. Apart from saving time, it also saves countries a lot of capital since tourists can move from one country to another with ease, giving the tourism industry a huge boost. Tourists also don’t have to travel with a bulge of paperwork everywhere they go. It is now possible, with the help of electronic data, to determine where you are travelling to without needing to carry personal information documentation.

Thailand’s border control currently only allow e-visa applications for a certain number of countries but are negotiating to enable all travellers to make use of this innovative technology. Since e-visas are changing the way we travel, making use of an e-visa application when travelling is the best way to experience what the world has to offer!


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