Housekeeping: 4 Tasks that you might encounter occasionally and How to Handle them

Home moving and regular housekeeping are important tasks that residents face every now and then. The way they are looked upon however, might differ from person to person depending on a number of factors.

Extensive activities like home moving can become quite a nuisance if things are left to the last moment and not planned for appropriately. Everyday home maintenance is a similar case based on the technical knowledge that the respective person has or his experiences.

Tasks like buying and assembling furniture, packing and unpacking while shifting houses or mounting and dismounting electrical appliances can all require professional help from time to time.

Here are a few useful things to consider before you do the following tasks on your own:

Home moving

Home moving can be an emotional task for some home owners or simply a stressful experience for others. Either way it has to be done when the time comes so it is recommended to have the whole thing planned from the beginning to the end.

If it’s a small home that you’re moving from, borrow packing boxes from people in your social circle or nearby department stores. Have a helping hand, preferably someone who knows a thing or two about the process, and most importantly have a checklist for the entire event prepared well in advance to cater to any last minute emergencies that might pop up because we assure you, they will.

TV mounting and appliance installation

If you’re moving, capture a photograph of the back of your TV and other appliances so that you have a reference on how to plug in the wires at the new place. For appliances that have their cooling fans behind them like refrigerators, make sure that they’re placed in an open space.

Drilling holes to mount TV sets on your own is not advisable, unless you’re an expert at it. Then, there‘s the important task of hiding the bird’s nest of wires that crowd the place.

Have a professional handyman over to do it for you. It might cost a little extra but it’ll save you major troubles from doing it yourself.

Furniture assembly

A trip to IKEA or a home move means that there are a number of furniture items strewn across the house needing assembly. In case you disassembled them on your own before moving then it is obviously not much of a problem but if you don’t have a nag for it, you’re better off hiring experienced help for such tasks as well.

Make sure that you’ve measured the place where the furniture needs to be placed and that it fits. If you’re assembling a large piece like a bed, for example, place the pieces in the direction that the furniture will be eventually be in and then start assembling the parts because once put together, it is extremely difficult to move the entire thing.

Hanging shelves and paintings

This, once again, involves drilling holes and hammering nails. The first thing that needs to be determined is the appropriate place for the picture, shelf or any respective item that you’re planning to mount. Next, mark the edges to ensure the whole thing sits in line and isn’t slanted.

As we’ve mentioned repeatedly, these tasks are only to be done on your own if you have ample amounts of experience with them. In case you don’t, make sure you call in a housekeeping service to handle these tasks for you.

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