Anti-top 5: the worst places to write

Cabin fever is something writers face at some point. There comes a time when all you just want to do is move out of the house into another different environment so you can be more productive and take a different approach to work. It is not bad to make plans to change location but know that there are places not ideal for writing or providing dissertation editing services. Therefore, to avoid being unproductive, here are five worst places avoid.

  1. Coffee shops

If you cannot discipline yourself well enough to concentrate fully in a busy or noisy environment, then writing in coffee shops is not your thing. Some people consider such places to be a good one for writing, but that is because they can discipline themselves concentrate and get work done.

There is a difference between conceptualizing and writing. And little distractions can make you start all over again when you are deep in thought. Coffee shops are not the ideal place for someone like you, especially if you are someone that little distractions can make to forget what you have been thinking about.

The thing is coffee shops can be very rowdy and you cannot control what happens or even the noise in such environments. And sometimes, you might get to the coffee shop nearby, only to discover that all the seats have been occupied – especially during busy periods.

It is also difficult to let someone you barely know watch over your belongings when the need arises. Even though you decide to take your belongings along with you, someone might occupy your seat before you return back

But coffee shops are not all that bad!

A hot cup of coffee can reset your brain. And if you need a break from the house, you can relax in the coffee shops instead of going there to write. It is possible you could come across someone whom you can discuss your project with to get more ideas.

  1. Hotel lobbies

Hotel lobbies are among the worst places to write. And if it is a busy place with people move in and out on regular basis, the situation could be worst. The question is – how many hotels are scanty? The hospitality business is a lucrative business with hotels making huge profits every single day.  You will be surprised to see a large number of people walking in and out of hotels you thought would be scanty because of their location.

Like coffee shops, it will be difficult for you to get work done in a hotel lobby, especially if you cannot discipline yourself to concentrate. Hotel lobbies are very distracting with people moving constantly.

But hotel lobbies are not that bad!

You can draw inspiration from these places. Many modern hotels have improved on their lobby game. Lobbies now look very beautiful and relaxing than before. The only thing you cannot take away from these places is the noise. You will find different sets of people interacting and other activities going on as well.

  1. Train stations

The screeching sound or multitude of passersby makes train stations a terrible place to write. With people moving constantly while some are struggling to get on the train, such environment can be very distracting. In fact, people passing by might find your going there to write odd because they know the distraction is much there.

Train stations are always busy most of the time. Besides, you cannot ask someone you barely know to watch over your belongings. And you might also sit down with the intention to write, while the persons sitting next to you have a different plan entirely. Their activities might be distracting to you in a different way and you cannot ask them to keep calm because you are writing.

Instead of going with your laptop to the train station to write, you can go with a pen and paper. Observe things and jot down any idea that comes to your head. The uniqueness of the people, their dressing, height, and looks can inspire you to create something great.

  1. The Park

It is nice outside and you have access to wireless internet in the park. In fact, writing in the park would have been much better if having access to the wireless internet is more relevant than others. Parks are among the worst places to write. And if you think coffee shops are more distracting, then parks are even worst.

Besides being distracting, have you ever tried using a laptop outside under sunlight? You will be doing yourself more harm than good by straining your eyes.

You can use the park for relaxation or get ideas. Even if you work from home or an office, consider going to the park to rest and have a breath of fresh air sometimes.

  1. Your Friends’ Home

Unless your friends provide write my paper help online or write, working with them around is not a good idea. Initially, they might act like they understand you need time to work. But as time goes on, they may ask you for a favor, which you might be tempted to fall for.

The same thing will happen if you are working in your parents’ house. So, unless you can discipline yourself, avoid such situations. You might feel lonely working alone and it would be good if you visit your friend’s house to get company and not to write.


These are the worst places to write. Even when you think you can produce something great, the output is nothing compared to writing in a quiet environment without distractions. You can’t be in a coffee with something happening without diverting your attention. Even though you are highly disciplined, there is still a high tendency of you getting distracted.

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