Top Careers for Coastal Living

If you’re possibly thinking of shifting to a coastal area for a living, probably California or Florida, then you would need to find the top careers for the location. Often the coastal careers require potential employees to hold knowledge and educational background related to beach and coasts while being ready to go through security training courses offered by the employers. If you’re looking for a career in the coastal areas, there are several positions to select from and they come under different industries.

  1. Underwater photography

This is one which you can easily do on your own and discover a more amazing avenue of your photography career. It is also a genre which other industries love to sponsor as and when needs. Major magazine companies like National Geographic and travel magazines pay a big amount of money for the pictures clicked from the depth of the ocean. And, to make a career in underwater photography, you should hold a good amount of experience in photography or maybe a degree perhaps in related field. You also need good diving training along with some experience and a professional crew.

  1. Scuba Diving Instructor

Many people love to go on scuba diving while they are on a vacation and thus they require an instructor who could guide them about the popular tourist areas. However, you need to have an extensive diving experience and training along with safety certificate. If you are working with people with no diving experience, then you need a lot of knowledge and expertise to opt for this job designation.

  1. Oil Divers

The oil industry divers have the ability to get into the ocean and maintain heavy equipment to mine oil in the ocean. Such job profiles are highly lucrative and quite competitive in nature. You need to have good education, perfect diving experience and complete knowledge of the diving safety courses. The more expertise you hold, the more you’ll be considered for the position.

Apart from this, you also have opportunity to get selected in the US military. It could the Navy or Army job position for the divers. They are given complete training before they get started. Make sure you have in mind that there are several offshore diving jobs and inshore and coastal diving jobs. While the offshore job profiles require you to go deep in the ocean and stay away from home for a quite a long period of time, the inshore job positions will keep you near the land. Some of the diving jobs also require a lot of travelling which isn’t advisable for those who haven’t undergone safety courses.

Another big point to keep in mind while going for coastal jobs are lice near the beach! These are quite dangerous and infectious parasites which get stuck to human body and suck blood. They leave rashes and cause inflammation and itchy skin. However, if you acquire all the knowledge about sea lice and keep in mind the preventions and treatment, you can easily enjoy your coastal jobs.

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