Seven Interesting Facts about the Android Phones

The trend of Android Phones is increasing with the ever new day. People started with just a simple phone which has now become a powerhouse on countless devices. During the summer of 2005, Google gets a relatively minor company “Android Inc.”. Within three years of time, the Android-powered smartphones rule the entire market. It leaves a major impact on the software industry. This widely recognizable mobile-operating system started using in different hardware like notebooks, smartwatches, game consoles, desktops and smart TVs. Google is now making advanced form of this system and named it Marshmallow. People will like this newly flavored operating system, so it is expected that it will rack up a lot of accomplishment in a short span of time. You have an Android system on your phone, but you might not know some amazing facts of this amazing software. This article will highlight some of the most astonishing facts about the Android Phones that you have in your hands.

It is not the creation of Google
People often misunderstand that Android is the creation of Google, but it will be a surprise for them that Google did not create this system. Andy Rubin, Nick Sears, Chris White, and Rich Miner created Android in 2003 while Google acquires it in the year 2005. White, Rubin, and Miner still stayed with this company and together named this company as Android OS. It is actually not the acquisition of Google.

People considered it a failure project
Many critics were skeptical about this project, and they believed that it would fail miserably. When the Android operating system was emerging, Blackberry and Microsoft was already ruling the smartphones market. iPhone was also on the way to lead the smartphones world. It was a quite competitive world when the idea of Android came into being. However, this system becomes the most valuable project of today’s world where every second person has an Android phone in hands.

More than one billion devices are actively using the Android system
With every new day, a new person is added to the users of Android devices. It becomes an all-time favorite system for the people from different parts of the world. A Google CEO reported that there had been more than 1 billion Android activation in the world. The current population of the world is close to 7.3 billion people, so you can better imagine the popularity of the Android system.

Android does not use the name of sweets all the time
People have the misconception that Android always use the name of sweets for a different version. This misconception is actually the creation of the Android system itself. The first public release of this operating system was 1.5 Cupcake version. Due to its increasing success, Google started naming it after different sweets. However, they also named the pre-commercial software versions with the internal robots like Bender and Astro Boy. Later on, Google decided to retain its dessert-themed scheme in alphabetic orders.

Introducing elegant Android smartphone designs
The versatile designs of the Android smartphones are bringing it to the limelight. The ancestors of this system offered something pretty different than the smartphone that you have in your hands today. You might have heard about the early sliding AZERTY keyboard and 3.2-inch screen phones which were the most popular phone of its time. Today Android phones are completely different from the early smartphones. It gets its inspiration from lots of other smartphones and produces the most amazing and elegant smartphones. Searching the image of ZTE V5 Pro N939Sc will give you a better idea about the enticing designs of the Android Smartphones.

Honeycomb version never released for smartphones
The only version of the Android system which was never officially released for smartphones was the honeycomb. Google launched the Honeycomb version in the early 2011 but design it especially for tablets. Critics give pessimistic reviews for this version of Android, so Google decided to replace it with an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android is ruling the world of apps
Releasing of the Android system just after a few months of Apple’s app store was quite a risky decision. However, the Android Market overtook its competitors in a short span of time. Android software depot latest offers about 1.5 million apps after rebranding in the year 2012. The good news is that it has now more apps than its competitors.

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