Open Business in Abroad, Why Not?

Many people have their own desire to open for business especially if the business runs successfully. Open business abroad is not an easy thing. It is a hard challenge and exciting chances to run. The process of opening the business overseas actually is as the same as opening the business in home town. The simple example is the overseas business as a business within the country that we are the same like just look for the consumer, but typical or characters of potential customers abroad is not necessarily the same as the character of potential consumers in the State itself. That should be sought and examined further so that businesses are going to live abroad can run and be successful.

There are two biggest strategies in opening the business abroad. The first one is developing the business and the second is opening the business. It is easier to develop the business abroad. The strategies are considering about the brand or products that have been widely known in their own country, such as culinary burgers, ice cream or café. The popular brand will profitable. It has a network of sales and distribution both in their own country. And the business must have the good image or perception in public. It is important because this will be beneficial for businesses to “sell” and promote the brand and products abroad and serves as a good portfolio, especially when faced with similar competitors in that area or state. When a product or business have established, it is impossible to expand the strategy such as opening a branch, opening the franchise, and conducting joint venture. The next strategy is opening the new business abroad.

The second way that can be taken by prospective businesses is directly opening and starting the business in the country. One advantage of this method is the owner can direct the pioneering business activities in the country without the pioneering efforts in the state itself. Typically, this step is taken by small businesses or individual businesses because they tend to be easier and more affordable costs and quicker to implement. Besides of those two strategies, there are few things to concern.

#The market

Make sure the product that is sold abroad has the own market and make sure that the product can stay permanently. One of the examples is food. Everybody needs food, so food can be the smart choice for the business.

#Local government policy

Local government policy will determine the direction and potential of our efforts in that country. Therefore, we also need to know exactly how the trading system prevailing in the country as well as the legitimacy met to conduct business in that State.


It must be noted about the distribution system start from the distribution of raw material procurement and distribution of its products including distribution costs or supporting infrastructure. The owner must be focus on them.


If owner wants to open the business abroad, he must understand the culture in the state consider and determine whether the product is suitable with the interests and habits of the population, if the owner need to modify the product to fit the character of the local population or not.

#Learning the local language

Being able to speak the local language is the good point while staying especially opening the business in different country. Language becomes the challenging thing. The entrepreneur who has aspirations of building a business in another country should learn the language. In addition, learning the language is the best way to talk and promote the products.

#Make network

Follow the small communities of expats in the city. By the community, it can make the new network and open the opportunity to promote the business abroad.

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