Difference between Charity and philanthropy

Charity and philanthropy

Charity and Philanthropy are usually used interchangeably, but genuinely there is a difference between these two notions.

Charity vs. Philanthropy: Definitions

Charity definition:

Charity’s origin comes from the old French word Chrité and means, “Providing for those in need; giving and generosity.” The use of charity includes giving goods, money, or time to the hapless, either directly or through a charitable trust or other notable causes.

Charity is an emotional, natural impulse to an instantaneous situation, and giving generally occurs in the short-term. The charity can take the shape of monetary donations or volunteering.

Philanthropy definition:

Philanthropy comes from the Greek language that means to: “Love of mankind.” A more common definition is “private enterprises for the public good, which combines an original humanistic ethic with a social scientific condition.”

Philanthropy labels the root cause of social issues and needs a more decisive, deep-rooted approach. Additionally to giving money or volunteering, some philanthropists take part in advocacy work. Philanthropy is an action or an idea that is done to best humanity and generally includes some sacrifice instead of being done for a good motive.

Disaster relief

Disaster relief is an example of where philanthropy and charity both play a vital role. When we see mishaps in social media or via news, many of us are willing to aid fundamental essentials during an emergency. For instance, Google searches for “charity” and match up keywords reached an all-time high throughout Hurricane Katrina in 2005 (the 2004 Sri Lanka tsunami came in second for charity searches). In both cases, the number of searches raised approximately five-fold during peak periods.

About Charity

Anyhow, some people may determine charitable giving to be more approachable than philanthropic giving. Giving to charity can make us feel better about our giving because we can see the influence straight away. Giving money to the needy, food to the hungry, and providing shelter to the people without homes, provides prompt gratification for the receiver of the gift and the giver. You can also build water well charity.

About philanthropy

Philanthropy contrastingly takes a secret approach to promote equality, ending world hunger, and housing the refugees. We frequently don’t see the fruits of our labor immediately when we give this way. Anyhow, philanthropic providing helps make our charitable giving even more significant. Giving a few dollars to somebody who needs the money might help them get transport to a center that offers resources funded by philanthropic attempts.

Major differences

  • The major difference is that Charity goals to comfort the pain of a specific social issue, though Philanthropy aims to address the root cause of the issue. An example is a difference between educating the people in affected regions and supporting medical research teams in determining a medication for malaria, which is philanthropy, versus sending painkillers to malaria patients, which is charity.
  • Charity is giving, and philanthropy is doing.
  • The charity can be an essential give out to somebody in need, but philanthropy is the hand up that permits that individual to determine lasting success. Many of us can create the kind of gift that adds a wing onto a hospital or builds a new library at our institutions, but just about all of us can – with a little bit of planning – be philanthropists that make a difference in the small (or large) way.
  • The difference between charity and philanthropy is that we can all define if we take a little attempt to make the difference. The distinction between philanthropy and charity can be you.

In short:

History books and dictionaries are a great beginning, but what best way to understand modernistic charity and philanthropy than with a data dive into Google Trends. Here’s what we learned:

Charity: A supply of goods to those in need

  • Giving a meal to homeless people
  • Giving to the Red Cross after disasters
  • Giving your old clothes to the resale shop

Philanthropy: benevolent altruism to increase the well-being of humanity.

  • Giving institutions to solve society’s root problems, such as homelessness, social justice, poverty, public health, and education.
Charity Philanthropy
Short term fixesReactiveSocial servicesDependent communitiesIndividual responses Long term solutionProactiveSocial changesEmpowered, independent communitiesCollective, Organized responses


The differences between charity and philanthropy are obvious, but they do go cooperatively. Many of us do both without making a dissimilitude between the two. Each type of giving is mandatory for the other to do its great work. Despite which you pick out with more, giving is about a good person doing good things for other good people.

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