Chicken Broth Health Benefits on a Keto Diet

Keto Diet Tips with Chicken Broth

The massive popularity of the keto diet in recent years has led to a boom in keto-friendly recipes and helpful resources online. Believe it or not, there is a secret weapon that you may not have come across before: chicken broth!

This protein-packed foodstuff is perfect for supplementing your keto diet and delivering an extra dose of vitamins and minerals to your body. Let’s take a look at chicken broth health benefits and how it fits into the keto diet.

What is Chicken Broth?

For those who may not know, chicken broth, also known as bone broth, is a savory cooking liquid that is used as a base for loads of dishes. Chicken broth is made by simmering the animal bones or meat, often with vegetables, in water or wine for a long period of time.

This type of liquid has been part of the human diet for so many years, its difficult to count.

Is Chicken Broth Good for You?

Bone broth and chicken broth have been a significant part of the human diet since humans first learned how to cook! A good bone broth has no carbohydrates, and is packed with great vitamins and minerals.

The flavour of the broth comes from the bone marrow, cartilage, and connective tissue in the meat and bones. It is a popular foodstuff in functional foods, prioritising good dietary fat over sugar of any kind.

Broths are usually nutrient dense, often boosting the immune system, improving joint health, as well as skin and hair due to the high level of collagen content in bone broth and stock. Bone marrow is full of vitamins and minerals that are great for your health.

What are the Chicken Broth Health Benefits on a Keto Diet?

Chicken broth is great for a keto diet! You can and should drink servings of chicken broth on a keto diet. The vitamins and minerals in a chicken broth are great for your health and wellness, as well as your keto diet goals. The collagen and amino acids in bone broth are great for keto diets, as they help retain lean muscle mass.

Consuming chicken stock can be a great tool against flu symptoms, an upset stomach, a tool for healthy gut bacteria, essential electrolytes, and more.

Chicken broth is great for a keto diet because it is additive-free, carb-free, and contains no milk proteins. It is a keto superfood that shouldn’t be overlooked!

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