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You should venture online if you are looking for ways to add that extra buck into your wallet. There are many sites on the Internet claiming to help people make money online but most turn out to be scams. Often, they are fraudulent schemes seeking to rip you off instead of helping you make money, or worse, they use you to make money which they keep to themselves.

If you are careful and take your time to discern the scammers and their enterprises from the realistic means of making money online, you’ll find the time you spend online to be a very rewarding experience. To legitimately make money online, you need to offer your value and/or service.

Here are some ways of making money on the internet:

Search for a job

The Internet is the easiest and most convenient way to search for jobs. There are countless job sites listing job opportunities available everywhere; hometown, city, state, country and globally. You can get all types of jobs online from a short-time jobs to a full-time permanent employment and contract jobs. You’ll also find part-time jobs on the Internet if you are looking for an extra income to supplement your primary job, a side hustle so to speak.

Sites like The Job explorer will customise your cover letter and polish your resume to match the jobs you are applying for in addition to giving you career advice and the various specifications available in your chosen career. Moreover, there are interview tips available online which you can practise in order to ace that forthcoming job interview.

Online surveys

Online surveys don’t pay much but are an easy way to spend your time online and get paid for it. There are many sites like Survey Monkey, Swag Bucks and many others that will pay you a dollar or two for filling short online surveys.

Caution should however be taken since they are as many scamming sites as there are genuine ones purporting to pay people for participating in their surveys.

Get an online job

There are many freelancing sites that offer a platform for web developers and designers, programmers, writers, graphic designers, and virtual assistants to meet their clients. You don’t have to leave your house to do most of these jobs. You interact and negotiate with your client on the site and do their jobs from there.

All you need is a stable Internet connection and take your time to complete these tasks. You should put value into the jobs since some sites put a rating method for freelancers and a poor rating will affect your ability to get future jobs.

Sell stuff

You can sell pretty much anything on the Internet these days. Websites such as eBay, for example, allow you to sell your old items and one can grow through the ranks to become a top-level seller making a lot of sales. There are other niche sites that specialize in particular items. There are places for photographers to sell their photos and videos, painters to auction their drawings and so much more.

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