What is the Need and the Best Place to keep the hand sanitizers at the workplaces?


As we all know the entire world is suffering from COVID-19. The Corona Virus spreads mostly through hands such as if we get in touch with some infectious person or thing and after that if we touch our eyes, lips or nose by these infectious hands then the virus gets inside our body and affects our immune system which leads to death. As whenever you get in contact with infectious things immediately sanitize your hands. So many sanitizers are available in the market. We can choose the best among them like Purell hand sanitizer online.

Why do we need a hand sanitizer at workplaces?


Entire day employees need to use their hands either in writing a report or open door or shaking hands with a colleague and much more. Due to all this, we get in contact with harmful viruses and germs. Illness is connected to a loss in productivity, which almost costs $225.8billion per year to employers. It is being examined that around 80% of infections are transferred through the hands. Due to which it’s necessary to apply an effective program of hand hygiene at the workplace.

Being an employer, it is necessary to conduct change in condition with a proper example. Employers should keep on encouraging employees to use hand sanitizer, by themselves doing it often. Keep the proper stock of hand hygiene sanitizer during the season of cold and flu. Employers should give sick leaves to the ill workers and at this time of the pandemic, employers should regularly get the working place to sanitise, after the employees leave which will prevent the spread of infection by the germs and viruses.

If the employer wants employees should frequently use the sanitizer then always keep a bottle within their side so that it is easily accessible to them. Always place the bottle of hand sanitizer at communal and high-touch areas.

The place to keep the hand Sanitizer at the workplaces?

Entry and exits:

A single entry and exit doorknob is the main cause of spreading illness or viruses in the workplace. In research it has been proven that approximately 40% or 60% of viruses in a workplace spread among visitors and employees through the use of the same doorknob. To prevent it, keep on disinfecting the doorknobs or you can keep light sensor doors open directly, but also keep the hand sanitizer near the visitors and employees, so as to avoid infection.

Food courts break room and cafeteria: If we consume food with the germ-ridden hands, then due to that germs get inside our body and cause several diseases. It has been proven that many germs spread mostly in food courts, break room or in the cafeteria. Although the sanitizer is not the ultimate alternative in removing the germs of the person who is preparing food, it only eliminates a few germs.

Meeting rooms: In a meeting room, there are employees, visitors, and other clients who usually exchange handshakes, these cause swapping germs. To safeguard the hands of employees and other client’s against viruses and germs, employers should provide easy access to sanitizing stations, it can be either near the entrance or at their tables.

Employee Desk: Phones, computer keyboard, computer mice, and desk are the main reason behind transferring germs, as people often touch them. As we all know employees spend half of their time at their table where they drink, eat, sneeze, and much more all this lead desk as viruses minefield and they stay on a place for approximately three days. To get rid of spreading illness in the office provides hand sanitizer at each desk.

High traffic areas: It is also necessary to provide hand sanitizer to employees outside the office. High-traffic zones such as Mall hallways, recreational centres and airport terminals should provide sanitizing stations to ensure that clients remain away from illness. This not only keeps the areas but also improves the condition of the malls, recreational centres or airports.

Sanitize the workplace: If employees frequently use a hand sanitizer that will kill many microbial and harmful germs that prevent the spread of flu and viruses. It is necessary for the employer to keep into consideration the health of the workers, for that it is important to provide a healthy environment. Buy Purell Hand Sanitizer as it’s like an important tool that is necessary to present at every desk. Thus, it is of foremost importance to buy the best hand sanitiser for the protection of all employees at the workplace. 

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