Dancer Jade Whitney talks career highlight of performing on ‘Schitt’s Creek’

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April 7th, 2020 was a sad day in the world of television. After six seasons, viewers all over the world had to say goodbye to Moira, Johnny, David and Alexis as well as the entire community of Schitt’s Creek, the Canadian television sitcom that has become a global hit with 35 awards and 109 nominations. Created by Dan and Eugene Levy, Schitt’s Creek tells the story of the formerly wealthy Rose family when they are forced to relocate to Schitt’s Creek, a small town they once purchased as a joke. Now living in a motel, Johnny (Eugene Levy) and Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara), along with their adult children, David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy), must adjust to life without money and with each other. 

The CBC series saw a lot of success when it premiered in 2013, but it became a global hit when it dropped on Netflix in 2017. It became one of the most esteemed projects to be a part of in the Canadian film and television industry, which is why celebrated dancer Jade Whitney credits her time on the show as the highlight of her illustrious career.

Schitt’s Creek is hilarious. The show is one of a kind and the actors are some of the most talented comedic actors out there. Dan and Eugene Levy are brilliant and the concept they have conceived is extremely entertaining. I love the characters and the storyline. I laugh from beginning to end and have also cried watching certain scenes. Overall, it is one of my favorite comedic shows to watch and it is exciting to see such success within a Canadian production. I think that the dance number I performed added such an incredible element to the season finale that most viewers were not expecting,” Whitney said.

Being a part of one of her favorite shows is a memory Whitney will always hold onto. She was one of three dancers alongside the show’s stars on the season 5 finale “Life is a Cabaret”. She partnered with one of the lead actors, Noah Reid, throughout the entire number and finished in a lift with him. She also helped the actors with the choreography when needed.

“When I found out that the dancers would be singing as well, I was even more excited because I love to sing. I have also always wanted to perform a number from Cabaret, which is what I did on the show. I was incredibly inspired by the actors and wanted to see them work in person so that I could learn from them. It is always exciting to work on a show that you are a fan of.”

Whitney was featured the most out of the three dancers as well as most of the actors because she was the best dancer in the number. The choreographer Jeff Dimitriou, who had worked with Whitney before, knew that he would be able to rely on Whitney to partner with Noah Reid as their partnering was a very important part of the dance number. Whitney also helped the actors with the choreography to ensure that they were prepared to shoot. In the final pose, Whitney finished in the center on top of Reid’s shoulder. It was an incredible and memorable moment in the show’s entire history.

“It feels amazing to know that I was a part of a project that brought laughter to so many people across the world. Years after shooting the number, I still receive messages every few weeks from people telling me that they saw me on the show and how much they loved watching it. It feels good to know that the hard work, time and effort I put into this project paid off and it has brought happiness to the viewers. I am so grateful to have been a part of such a unique show,” said Whitney.

Having had such success in the industry in Canada, Whitney plans to work with Los Angeles-based choreographers Teddy Forance (Madonna, Janet Jackson) and Will Loftis (Dancing with the Stars, Teen Beach) as a featured dancer at JUMP Dance Convention, NUVO Dance Convention and CLI Studios. She will be a vital part of the creation process with both choreographers and will be an example for young dancers as they learn choreography. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch Schitt’s Creek, with every season available to stream on Netflix worldwide.

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