How to clean vertical sliding windows

If you happen to own vertical sliding sash windows, then you are probably conscious of keeping them clean, as they are a beautiful and prominent feature of your home. You must be extremely careful with vertical sliding windows, whether you have wooden or uPVC material, they can be damaged, so cleaning them carefully is vital. We love our homes, and we are sure that you do too, so we want to help you. We’re going to take you through some tips on how to clean vertical sliding windows.

What do we mean by vertical sliding windows?

A vertical sliding window sometimes known simply as a sliding sash is a window that has one or more sashes that move in a vertical direction. This means that you open the window by lifting the bottom up and close it by putting it back down. This can also be done by lowering and raising the top sash. Here is an example of a vertical sliding window in the image below.

Cleaning uPVC vertical sliding windows

The first thing to understand when you are cleaning your vertical slider windows is that you can clean the glass with regular glass cleaner regardless of the material of the window. This means it doesn’t matter whether it’s timber or uPVC, the glass cleaner can be of your choice. A couple of examples are simple shop-bought glass cleaner or even diluted washing up liquid will do the job. Once you have finished cleaning the glass you can simply wipe down with a soft dry cloth to dry.

A fantastic practical feature of modern uPVC vertical sliding windows is that they operate a “tilt-in” facility, that means that you can lean the window inwards and clean both sides of it easily from the inside. The benefit of which is that, on windows that are higher than the first floor, you do not have to worry about trying to climb a ladder.

When it comes to cleaning the frames of your uPVC windows, it is a surprisingly easy job. You will need:

  • Warm soapy water
  • A soft cloth
  • A dry soft cloth
  • (optional) Beeswax polish/Silicone spray for the moving parts

Use the warm soapy water and the soft cloth to clean off the frame of your windows, this should wipe away any dirt that has gathered. DO NOT use solvent based cleaners OR scourers, as you do not want to damage the finish of your window, leaving it looking a lot worse for wear! You can then use your dry soft cloth to finish wiping down and drying off the frame. If you please, you can then use your beeswax polish or silicone spray on sliding components to ensure that the window is operating smoothly and efficiently.

Cleaning Timber vertical sliding windows

If you are cleaning your timber vertical sliding windows, then it’s a great time to check if there is any damage and they are in need of repair. If you notice any fraying cords or your window is starting to develop rotting timber, then it may be time to get your windows repaired. If they are in a state of wear beyond repair, then it may be time to upgrade to modern uPVC windows, as we spoke about above. 

Timber windows are very durable, but despite the best efforts of modern timber manufacturers many will become dilapidated far sooner than their original counterparts.  

As mentioned earlier, you can clean the glass on your windows just the same, regardless of the material of the frame. Unfortunately, when it comes to cleaning your timber vertical sliding window on a higher level than the ground floor, you are going to have to find a safe way to reach it – or alternatively, call a professional contractor to do the job for you. 

When you are ready to clean the frames on your timber windows, you can pretty much follow the same instructions as we did for the uPVC window frames. Cleaning them with a soft cloth and warm soapy water is super easy and highly effective, so we recommend this method in all cases!
Keep it simple and you will have a great and easy time keeping your windows clean, no matter what material they are. Again, just remember not to use solvent based cleaners and scourers or you will end up with damage to the paint or profile on your windows, and that is not what we are trying to achieve!

Now that you have read this article you should be ready to clean your vertical sliding windows with confidence, just make sure that you follow our easy steps and you will be on track for beautiful clean windows all year round. Keeping your windows clean is the perfect way to maintain a healthy look in your house, so we are always keen to provide you with helpful guides like this one.

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