Serger Vs normal sewing machines

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What are sewing machines?

A machine which is able to stitch any kind of fabric in a short amount of time is known as a sewing machine. The idea of a sewing machine was first conceived during the time of the industrial revolution.

The first sewing machines had only a single type of sewing pattern but with the gradual technological advancements, the machine has become a lot more efficient than it used to be.

Now, we all know what a general purpose sewing machine is. But what exactly is a Serger? And what does it do? The answer is simple. It’s also a sewing machine but it comes with some extra features which is not present in a normal sewing machine.

A normal sewing machine just has a single bobbin and a single thread to stitch or sew fabrics but the  best serger sewing machines have up to five bobbins and up to five threads attached to the bobbins. It is also faster than the usual sewing machine it also comes with a blade which can be used to cut the fabric.

Differences between Serger and normal sewing machines

Aside from the bobbins and threads, there are a few extra features which separate both machines. For once, the Serger has multiple needles which are unique and this increases the efficiency of the machine.

 Since it has a lot of needles, it also needs to have more threads. This is where the bobbins come in. They are required to manage the threads. It even has an automated system which it uses to control the thread flow.

This is why it doesn’t need to be controlled manually. Both of the machines are mass produced as both are needed for different purposes but when it comes to performing tasks, the Serger is more suited in that department.

These are some of the basic differences between the Serger and the general purpose sewing machine. You might be thinking that in spite of having all these cool features, why are people still buying the normal sewing machine? Well, here’s why.

The pros of owning a sewing machine

If you’re a beginner then the general purpose sewing machine will be a much better choice than the Serger. The normal sewing machine doesn’t solely rely on electricity and hence if you are out of power, you won’t have any trouble in finishing your work but if you had a Serger then this wouldn’t have been possible.

It is also easily portable and easy to operate, this is one of the main reasons why the sewing machine is so popular. Another good thing about the sewing machine is that you can rectify your work while stitching which isn’t an option when working with the Serger.

These are the advantages of owning a sewing machine but the Serger has its share of advantages as well.

The pros of owning a Serger

Now that you know the pros of a sewing machine let’s discuss the pros of a Serger.

Serger is a powerful machine which makes it a lot faster than the normal sewing machine and hence it saves a lot of time. When it comes to efficiency, the normal sewing machine cannot match the Serger’s efficiency. If you need something done in an instant then this is the machine you should go with. It can also cut and stitch at the same time.

This machine is ideal for industrial use as the industry has to prepare quality goods but without consuming too much time and labor. The Serger saves both time and manpower and hence this machine is being used by more and more companies. They also have a professional look which the normal sewing machine lacks.

A built-in cutting system is also present in the Serger which lets the user cut the cloth very easily. This also means that you can cut and stitch simultaneously.

Which machine is better?

Both of these machines are useful in their own respective ways and everything depends on your choice. If you are a beginner then choosing a normal sewing machine would be better but if you are looking to start a company of your own then the Serger is better suited for that job.

By now, all the differences must be clear to you and you can easily choose between the two. Many would say that Serger is a better choice in this era of technological advancement. But the cost is also important and a simple sewing machine is much cheaper. So think before you buy a machine.

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