What to Do When Pests Infest

There are plenty of pests that can attempt to make your house their home. If you’re worried about an infestation, here’s what you need to know about the types of bugs that can infest the home.


Termites can cause huge problems in your home, even destroying the structural integrity of the building. Fixing the damage caused by termites can be costly and time-consuming, so try to avoid letting them take root in your house. Subterranean termites are the most common type in homes. They build a colony beneath your home and travel through the wood in your home (their food source) to the colony. There are a few signs of termites that you should be on the lookout for. Rotting or hollow wood could be signs that termites have been feasting. If you notice piles of wood shavings in or around your home, you could have a pest problem on your hands. As soon as you notice any signs of these bugs, call up pest control. A technician will come out and eliminate the problem. Don’t wait to call a professional who can take care of this potentially serious crisis for you.



An ant colony might attempt to live in your kitchen or bathroom. They look for a water source and also appreciate sweet treats that might be left out. If you’d like to avoid having ants in your home, keep your counters clear and clean. Don’t leave food on the counter unless it’s in an airtight container, and clean your garbage cans frequently. Do whatever you can to eliminate places that might attract these critters. If you do find yourself with an ant colony, call a pest control technician right away so he or she can get rid of the unwanted pests for you. With the right professional help, the ants will be gone for good, but without a skilled technician, you will most likely fail to eliminate the problem.



You’ll likely notice signs of a rat or mouse infestation before you ever see a rodent. Keep an eye out for rodent droppings, signs of chewing on unopened food, and shredded paper or other items they could be using to create nests. If you spot any of these signs, do a sweep of the area and see if there are holes in the walls or floors where the rodents could be entering. You can seal up any holes you find. A professional can come to the home and set out rodent traps to eliminate the problem. Make sure you clean your home thoroughly if there are signs of an infestation since rodents can carry diseases and make allergies and asthma symptoms worsen. If you see the signs, call a professional right away. You don’t want to risk your family being exposed to rodents.


Roaches and Beetles

If you want to protect your favorite western apparel and other clothing, keep an eye out for roaches, beetles, and other bugs that like to eat natural fibers. If you notice holes in your clothes, especially those made of silk, cotton, or wool, you might have a pest problem. Call up residential pest control and tell them what you’ve noticed. A pest control technician can come out to the home and diagnose the issues with ease. Keeping a close eye on your closet or any clothes you have stored in the basement or attic will help you know as soon as pests have made your house their home.


No one wants a pest infestation in their home. If you notice signs of any of these pests, hire pest control services. A professional will remove the problem and your home will be safe and clean again in no time.

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