Delete Your Bad Habits on Your Jobs with These Tips

In running a business or in a job, sometimes we cannot avoid the bad habits that are usually come. One of the bad habits that are come to someone is always pending a job. This habit will give the bad consequences for us if we did not clear it as soon as possible.

Pending a job in a business is usually had a strong correlation with someone’s mood. When we had a bad mood, usually we will take the wrong action in a job and one of those is pending the job that we should do. Actually pending a job is not a good action especially for a business. Pending a job will make your work is felt harder and heavier and it will give the new problem for you than solving your problem. So, it is not a good solution.

Here are some tips for you to clear this bad habit in a job.

1. Imagine the Profit that you will get. The “satisfying” feeling is usually making a businessman forget about themselves and it will be decreasing the motivation that they are usually had. This will be triggering the lazy and boring feeling. A simple trick to overcome this motivation decrease is by imagining the profit that you may get if you were finished the job. This will be increasing the motivation for you.

2. Start the job from the easiest one. If you felt that you have a really heavy responsibility in your job, you can try to start your job from the easiest one. This way is will help you more on the next job that you have. It is usually, the hard and difficult job or project need the more energy from your power and this will make your brain is feeling lazy to do it.

3. Do not thing about the personal needs. The personal needs here are different with the family needs. Usually we are thinking more on the personal needs and we are not thinking about our jobs. For an example is when we met our friends for just having lunch or enjoying a coffee. It will be had an impact for your job ethos. Sometimes we are spending too much time and forget about the jobs. Friendship is an important thing, but we have to remember that we may not forget a job because we cannot refuse when a friend is asking something from us.

4. A job’s pending is erasing our work focus. In this case, we have to understand the main focus of our job. In a business, it is for sure that we need the business partners and sometimes we did not think about them. We cannot do all the jobs by ourselves. So, try to do the jobs that are becoming your part. Starting from now, we have to decide the main focus in our job or business. We can ask the help from our business partners because we cannot handle all the jobs. With this way, a job is can be done in the right time.

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