Types of Trailers You Need For Your Logistics Business

If you run or intend to set up a logistics business, one of the most important equipment you will have to buy is a trailer. In fact, the scale and size of your business may require that you buy one than one trailer so that you will be able to meet up with your daily target.

But you cannot simply walk into a trailer depot without first having a clear idea of the type of trailer you need, as different trailers serve different purposes.

Here, we look at some of the common trailers on the market that can be used for a commercial logistics business.

Flatbed Trailers For Trucking

You have probably seen some of these huge trailers on the highway. If you own a trucking business, you will need a flatbed trailer for transporting goods and heavy equipment from one place to another. Flatbed trailers are usually open on all sides making them versatile and easy to lead and unload. Construction companies, manufacturers, and heavy equipment dealers use flatbed trailers to move steel, lumber, raw materials, and heavy items all the time.

If you run such a business, you can use a flatbed trailer to transport your items in large quantities within and outside the city. Trailers like these provide the largest solutions for trucking businesses.

Dry Van Trailers

Dry van trailers also known as truck trailers are enclosed trailers commonly used to transport goods that are not meant to be open to public display. Rather than the open style of flatbed trailers, the enclosed space of dry van trailers ensure that the goods been transported remain safe from exposure to the elements.

If you run a furniture, clothing, or consumer goods business, this is the perfect logistics solution for your operations, as you can transport goods to customers and between stores safely and securely. These trailers are typically loaded and unloaded with the aid of a forklift, so you should also consider buying one when planning the purchase of your dry van trailer.

Utility Trailers

Small businesses that routinely move items about would benefit greatly from a utility trailer. This small and smart equipment can be towed by a small car or pick-up truck. Examples of utility trailers are Doolittle and Tandem Trailers, and these trailers are typically used by small businesses or contractors to transport things from one place to another.

If you run a small operation that makes use of a large amount of tools or equipment, or if you run a small sized sports goods store, farm tools store, or household goods store, you may want to consider investing in something like this. For example, a Tandem Axle Trailer of 8ft by 5ft cost less the $3000 brand new from trailer manufacturer: Lucca Trailers. Getting one will make it easy for you to load and unload equipment and goods fast at your business or job site.

Open Car Trailers

If you run a car dealership, one of your major requirements will be transporting of vehicles from your dealership to the customers, especially for brand new cars with zero mileage. Using regular logistics services to do this will incur you extra costs that the customer may not be willing to bear. This is where car trailers come in.

Car trailers allow your business to transport vehicles efficiently and cheaply. In fact, many open car trailers can be used to transport more than one mid-sized car, so that you can deliver multiple cars in one trip. It is also ideal for moving faulty cars to the garage or transporting damaged and scraps vehicles to the junkyard. Own one of these and save your business the cost of logistic fees.

Special Trailers

When you need to move items that will not fit on a flatbed, dry van or open car trailer, a specialised trailer is the ideal solution. These types of trailers come in different styles and dimensions and are designed individually for different purposes. For example, if you run a tour business, you may need a boat and ski jet trailer to move your watercraft to the waterside. There are also trailers used on the farms for agricultural purposes. The purpose for which you need a trailer will determine the type of specialised trailer you will buy.

The criteria should be that it is adequate for the weight and dimensions of the job in question.

If your business operates in a unique or specialised industry, a custom made or specialised trailer is what you need to save on logistics costs.

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