How to pick vanity for your bathroom

Small bathrooms tend to pose a series of problems, from design and decorating challenges to storage issues. But these problems can be easily solved when you install a vanity in your bathroom. Combination sink and cabinet, bathroom vanities will provide practical solutions to your aesthetic and space challenges.

But choosing the right bathroom vanity can be a hassle, which is why we have put together this smart guide to help you find the right vanity that will transform your bath-space into the stylish bathroom you have always desired.

Decide on the ideal look

To start with, you need to decide what you ideal vanity look should be. Will it be classical, period, eastern, or modern? Will you want your bathroom vanity to sport an ornate, intricate design, or would you prefer a simple and plain look? Whatever your choice, you will find a wide range of vanities to suit your unique preferences.

However, don’t make the mistake of choosing a particular type of vanity because it looked good online or in a showroom, or because you saw it in a friend’s bathroom. The key is selecting something that will complement your bathroom so that there is no clash or contrast of features. Therefore, approach your vanity selection with a clear idea of the bathroom look you are trying to achieve, and tend to look for a vanity that will suit the other elements in your bathroom.

Determine the available space in your bathroom

Before ordering a vanity, you should first check the available space in your bathroom so that you can determine the size and scale of your new bathroom item. Failure to measure available bathroom space may mean buying bathroom vanity that will not fit. When calculating available space, remember to exclude the shower, bath, and toilet. You should also make allowance for opening of the doors and cabinet, leaving enough space for the necessary foot traffic.

The amount of free space you have in your bathroom will influence whether you should go for a single sink vanity or a double sink.

If you bathroom is very small, you may want to consider a floating or wall-mounted vanity. This will not only create an impression of more space in your bathroom, you will also have adequate space beneath the vanity cabinet that can come in handy. Whether you choose to go for a standard vanity or prefer the floating version, you will definitely find a wide range of vanities and basins on Archipro, and other online stores to select from.

Consider plumbing and electrics

When deciding the size and placement of your new bathroom vanity, it is important that you keep crucial factors like plumbing and electricity in mind. This is because your new vanity will require your bathroom plumbing to work perfectly. In fact, your new vanity will likely be installed over any exposed pipes to cover them up and give your bathroom an improved look. Even if your vanity is not placed over existing pipes, it will still have to be placed within reach of your bathroom’s plumbing system so that it can use the same water pipes and drainage.

Electricity is also a crucial factor because most modern vanities come with electrical features built-in. For example, the cabinet of a bathroom vanity can come with electric bulbs and outlets for connecting electric devices.

Choose your preferred materials

Bathroom vanities are made from a variety of materials such as porcelain, wood, stone, glass, ceramic, and marble. This means that you have a wide range of choices to choose from, as you can choose bathroom vanity made from one or more materials.

Most homeowners prefer stone, plastic, porcelain, ceramic, and glass because of their water resistant properties. Because a bathroom is almost always wet and humid, vanities made from any of these materials will last longer. You can however, choose bathroom vanity made from laminate or real wood. But you will have to be careful of water spills and other moisture.

Also, the type of material your bathroom vanity is made from will also determine how easy it is to maintain. For example, ceramic, stone, marble, plastic, and glass are typically easy to clean and maintain. The top, sides, and interior of these vanities can easily be cleaned or even washed with soap and water, whereas, a wooden vanity will require more careful and elaborate cleaning methods.

Included attachments

Most bathroom vanities come equipped with the necessary attachments and accessories, like a sink and faucet, but you can also request for extra add-ons, like electric lights, sockets and charging ports, multiple cubicles, and even a hidden drawer.

You will have to determine if you prefer to buy a vanity and use as is or if you would prefer extra customisation.  Be aware that should you require extra add-on, it may attract a higher cost.

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