Reasons Why You Should Sponsor a Child

Reasons Why You Should Sponsor a Child

We keep looking for those special moments where we can make memories when we achieve a new goal and the days when we are making a change in the community and the whole world. Realistically, it is not possible to find all emotions such as feeling positive, healthy, helpful and focused on the relationships, all at the same time. However, there is one thing that can make us feel all the right emotions at the same time, and that is when we sponsor a child! There is no better feeling than helping someone leads the way towards their bright future.

Let’s see why we should sponsor a child:

Feel Happier and Get Healthier

Without a doubt, helping someone is a reward in itself. Studies have shown that when we help someone or an act of giving releases endorphins – the happy hormone. When you feel happy about something your body experiences less stress, this gives you more energy for your day. So it is really true; do good, feel good!

Open a Window on the World

When you sponsor a child, you get a unique, personal insight into their life, their country and culture. The sponsored child sends you letters that are written in their local language; also you get photos and videos of the community that you’re helping.

Sometimes sponsors even travel to different countries such as Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe to meet their sponsored children. It’s an excellent opportunity to visit a new country and meet your sponsored child and their family. And see how your small little help is making a big difference in their community.

Rediscover the lost art of letter-writing

Almost everyone had fond memories when they used to take time to write a letter to their loved ones. But now, social media and instant messages have taken over; but it doesn’t feel as special as it used to back in the days. With child sponsorship, you experience this emotion once again by writing and receiving letters and cards from your sponsored child. Writing letters is a great way of involving your children or grandchildren. By doing this, they’ll make new friends and learning about another country, culture and their language and most importantly they will learn the art of giving.

Change the World for One Child  

When you choose a child for sponsorship, you make a real difference in their life, their family and their upcoming generations. Your small little help is something they will appreciate and will be thankful for life.

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