How to transform Invention Ideas into Successful Products



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1. Set Down Detail on Paper

When you have an invention idea of generating something new that in future become helpful for people then don’t waste your time and start to copy paste that idea from your mind to the paper because ideas vanished from our mind in no time. Put down everything about your invention idea on paper about its creation, procedure, and creation, etc. Use the inventor’s journal for writing the invention ideas and keep in mind to take the signatures of witnesses who will give witnesses that this invention belongs to you. In this way, you can save your idea in a safe record. 

2. Make Research About Your Idea

Before starting the creation of your invention idea do some comprehensive research about your idea and make sure that no one made the same work as like yours. This is very important because if someone else patents same-like your idea already then you will not be allowed to come with the same idea in the market. There are some websites by visiting them you can easily get the information about your idea.

3. The paradigm of Your Invention

In this step, you are going to make a design of your invented idea. Before filing a patent, you should make a prototype of your idea which will be easy for you in the future. The first thing which you should do while making a model of your idea is to draw a sketch of your model in the form of words or in a drawing. After that make up the 3D design of your idea and then construct a full prepared model as per your idea. When you create this model in advance before file patent then you will be able to make it flawless.

4. File a Patent

After making the model, here comes a time when you have to file a patent for your model or product. Utility patents and design patents are the two types of patent. You can also fill the patent form by yourself but is best to take help from a patent lawyer to get the professional look in your patent. If you hire the legal patent lawyer, then your patent file will be in safe hands and fully secured.

5. Showcase your Product to Market

The last but not least, step is to bring your invented product to the market. Before the marketing of your product, try to understand business matters. It means you should have the knowledge about your customers, cost of production, selling rates and profit. This product will be your future business so, try to put your full potential and effort in it then you will able to get the advantage of it.

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