Everything You Need To Know About Dash Cams: A Buyer’s Guide

The dashboard camera or popularly called Dash Cam is increasingly becoming popular because of the numerous benefits it provides. Over the past few years, it becomes one of the basic in the vehicles.

What is Dash Cam?

Dash Cam is a recording device, simply a type of camera, that is fixed on the dashboard of your vehicle. They are installed on commercial vehicles, cars, and even motorcycles. People install these cameras or the recording device for a number of reasons including business reasons and personal security. Dash Cams are designed to record events, sounds, images, etc. while you are driving. That is, it can provide clear visual evidence in case of unfortunate accidents and insurance disputes. It can be also used for reviewing an inexperienced driver’s performance and even as assistance in judicial proceedings regarding the same. In short, this surveillance-oriented recorder that is mounted on the vehicle facing out to the road is a good investment for the safety as well as peace of mind.  

Dash Cams record the events onto a micro SD card and stores it. They power up automatically and start recording when the engine turned on. As you turn off the engine, it automatically turns off and stops recording. This video evidence is a vital tool in protecting you from the false allegations on what happened on the road like accidents, road rage, drunk driving, insurance fraud and so many. The Dash Cams are supplied power via an accessory socket using a power cord. Premium Dash Cams have an additional feature to record while you are parked and away from the vehicle, thereby monitor your property.

Today Dash Cams are used extensively by the drivers of America, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Russia, Europe and especially in Australia. Apart from the regular drivers, Dash Cams are also used by driving instructors, taxi drivers, bus drivers, police officers and so on. The rising popularity of Dash Cams Australia reveals how beneficial Dash Cam footage can be in highlighting the potential dangers and poor driving on the roads. 

How to Install a Dash Cam

Installing a Dash Cam is not a difficult task and can be carried out within 20 minutes. there are two ways to install Dash Cams in your vehicle:

1. Using 12 V power supply

If you want an easy installation of a Dash Cam, using a 12V power outlet is the simplest way. In this method, the camera needs to be placed on the windshield and the cord is connected to the power source by inserting via the side of the vehicle. This method allows you to easily move the Dash Cam from car to car.

2. Hardwiring Dash Cam 

This is the permanent installation solution for Dash Cams. Hardwiring installation is similar to the 12V power supply. Here instead of going to the 12V power source, the installer should tap into the fuse box with the help of a separately provided socket. 

What are the Benefits of Installing a Dash Cam?

Here is a deeper insight into the strong reasons why you should install a Dash Cam on your vehicle.

  • Renders undisputed first-hand video evidence on various road incidents with the help of which false allegations can be solved
  • In insurance claims, it maintains your no claim history and also saves you from paying money for which was not your fault.
  • Acts as a permanent solution for undisciplined drivers
  • Certain models of Dash Cams offer GPS location tracking as well as vehicle speed
  • The dangerous and careless drivers become aware of their behavior as it is getting recorded
  • Employers can ensure that their employees are following the company rules while driving.

Legal considerations of Dash Cams Australia

Dash Cams can be enormously used in traffic cases to prove what actually has happened on the road. Thus, it saves the innocent drivers from false accusations and punishes those who are actually wrong. Police vehicles are occupied with Dash Cams to ensure law and order on the road. Many Australian drivers are saved from paying fines and got assistance in their insurance claims because of these Dash Cams. 

Buying a premium quality Dash Cam and mounted it securely renders reliability, performance, and confidence for the drivers under all driving conditions.

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