What Makes Dome Shelters Ideal Alternative Homes?

Buying or building a house is a huge investment, and one that many people can’t afford. Also, not everyone has a stretch of land where they can build a house on. But who says you can’t own a home that’s affordable, big enough to fit 5 people, strong enough to withstand hurricane-strong winds, and can survive wildfires?

Dome shelters are gaining a reputation for being ideal alternative homes, especially from an environmental and economic standpoint. Also known as geodesic domes, dome shelters often refer to spherical-shaped structures that are composed of a network of lightweight yet durable triangle frames. Some may see them only as temporary shelters, but here are a few reasons why they also make an ideal home for you and your small family:

Increased Energy Efficiency

Taking inspiration from nature, the spherical shape of these shelters offers the most living space while using the least amount of surface area. Compared to a similar-sized box house, a dome shelter will use up approximately ⅓ less lumber. Also, reducing the surface area of the house by a third means a 1/3 reduction in heat transference, which can save you 30% more on cooling and heating bills. Dome homes are brighter too, so there’s less need for artificial lighting. 

Built to Withstand Most Natural Disasters

It’s amazing how something so small can be so durable, yet that’s how dome shelters are. Time and again, dome homes have survived tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and even wildfires while other homes were completely destroyed. The secret to their durability is in the design and material, which may vary depending on your preferences or where you purchase the dome from.

Fast Set-Up

Depending on the material and design, it can easily take less than a day to build a dome, especially if you have friends who can help you unload the parts and put everything together. It’s made rather intuitively, too, so virtually anyone can figure out how to build it. If you can follow the instructions IKEA gives you for their furniture, you can build a dome shelter of your own.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

People who don’t want a huge home to maintain will find dome shelters a perfect place to live in. It may be true that there’s less of everything you would normally find in a home, but that also means it takes less time to maintain the area and keep everything clean and tidy.

Below is a list of reasons why dome homes require less work:

  • No shingles that might break off during strong weather conditions
  • No attics that can be accessed by wild animals
  • The dome can’t be easily displaced or penetrated by flooding
  • Majority of the parts are corrosion-resistant and rust-proof
  • They are 100% mould- and mildew-resistant

Easily Extendable

Once you have a dome shelter, it’s usually easy to extend it. Simply build another dome and connect them together through hallways or entrances that you can purchase separately or build yourself.

It’s also easy to add more windows, doors, and walkways going to other nearby domes. Considering getting a garage? No problem. With dome shelters, you do get more options that are faster and easier to build than with a typical house.


We’re saving the best for last. It’s no surprise that domes started becoming more popular not only as disaster-proof bunkers but also as earth-friendly shelters. We shared above how they use up less energy. If you’re thinking of living off-grid, you can install solar panels on your dome shelter so everything you need can run on eco-friendly and renewable energy.

With the rising costs of living and the alarming effects of environmental pollution, dome homes are becoming more appealing as an alternative shelter. Is it the right house for you? If you’re someone who doesn’t need a lot of space and wants a house that can deal with the natural elements while living more in harmony with nature, it could be a perfect choice.

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