Will Window Tinting Void My Warranty?

Applying tinting foil onto a car window in a workshop

We all love the sun in our own way. Whether we bask under it during the summer for a tan, take advantage of it to grow our gardens, or hope for its bright shine when we want snow and ice to melt away, the sun is amazing in more ways than we can say. However, you might not think this while you’re driving and the sun is directly in your eyes, or when the sun heats up your car like a mobile oven on a hot summer’s day. This is just one of the many reasons that people may decide to have their windows tinted. There are also issues like privacy to consider. No matter your reasons, tinting your windows is very common and also very affordable and easy to do when you find the right company to handle the job.

 Though, there might be a few things you don’t necessarily understand about window tinting. For instance, how is your automobile’s warranty carrier going to like this? We have noticed recently that more and more people are asking the question: Does having my windows tinted void my automobile warranty? Let’s get to the bottom of this question.

In Most Cases, the Warranty is not Void

Fortunately, in most cases out there, with most automobile guarantors, having your windows tinted is not going to cancel that warranty. The idea seems like such a petty withdrawal from responsibility that most people who have their windows tinted do not even consider this being a possibility. Though it is not from lack of trying. In nations like Canada and the USA, car companies have gone out of their way to try to void warranties over the slightest upgrade, and it took actual legal legislation to get them to stop.

What is an Automobile Warranty

 An automobile warranty is basically a contract between you as the buyer and the car’s manufacturer, which states that the vehicle you purchased is guaranteed until (X). This means it will be guaranteed until X amount of miles/kilometres, X amount of repairs, time owned, etc. You have to keep up your end and maintain the vehicle properly, though should anything break down and your car or some components therein need to be replaced, the manufacturer’s warranty covers this in theory.

 As you might imagine, these auto manufacturers would love to just sell a car and move on. They really want to void your warranty for the slightest thing like window tinting, so be very careful.

Why Warranty Holders Would Love to Cancel Your Warranty for Tint

1: It’s About the Risk

 Auto manufacturers believe that something like window tint is a risk that could impair a driver’s vision and thus lead to more accidents. While this is technically an insurance matter, auto manufacturers deal with millions of claims per year when people file in on their warranties for things like accidents. If it were up to the auto manufacturers, having tint would simply disqualify you from warranty coverage.

2: It’s an Aftermarket Upgrade

 Warranty providers argue that your car is purchased as-is, and therefore the warranty should only cover the car in its original state. It’s a legal battle they always lose, but they would really love to render your warranty null and void for having your windows tinted. So make sure you’re staying within the legal parameters here. Do not give them a reason to drop your warranty.

Exceptions to the Warranty Rule

 While the law makes it clear to warranty providers that auto owners cannot be dropped due to merely having their windows tinted, the large corporations who own these warranties are always looking for ways around this. If they find out you have tinted your windows beyond legally allowed specifications, for instance, they can drop that warranty. This is why it’s important to go with a quality tinting company and not some back alley dealer.

 There are all sorts of benefits to tinted windows, but only if you get them done right. Stop by a quality local place and experience all the benefits the professional tinters can offer you.

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