5 common situations you will require a birth certificate

The first official document, which legitimizes the existence of a person is a Birth Certificate. It is a very essential legal document, which is issued at the time of birth. A birth certificate is proof of your identity, age and birthplace. It serves in a variety of purposes like getting admission into various educational institutions, voting rights, claiming rights as per the government policies and being considered as a resident of a particular nation.

According to ‘Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1968′, you can register your child within 21 days of the birth. UN also in one of its articles, made birth registration mandatory immediately after Birth. To register for a birth certificate apply online or offline. Here you can find forms which you need to fill in order to issue the said birth certificate after the verification from the hospital.

The Indian government has made the process of applying for a birth certificate, easy, by making the process online. The use of the internet has helped the common people all around the country significantly and has increased the overall convenience factor.

Many situations require Birth certificate but let us analyze the 5 common situations where you will require a birth certificate.

  1. Identity Proof
  2. A birth certificate is the first document which one receives, it is very essential for proof of your birthplace.
  3. It gives you a proof of citizenship of India.
  4. It is very important to register for a birth certificate (birth certificate apply online), as your existence will only then be recognized by the municipality and counted in the population of India.
  5. It incorporates important information of an individual which is essential for the government to have the statistics and provide the government policies according to it.
  6. Birth Certificate becomes your Proof of Identity and helps you to get a bank account.
  7. Some employers also ask for a birth certificate as an identity proof.
  8. When you want your marriage license you will require a Birth certificate.
  • Education
  • The first thing parents do after their child grows up is admit them to a good school.
  • For taking admissions, schools have made it compulsory to verify a Birth certificate.
  • A birth certificate is mandatory because it confirms the age of the child.
  • There are certain age barriers in every class. If a student is compatible with the age range of that class, then the only admission is granted.
  • The parents need to submit a photocopy of the original birth certificate during the time of admission.
  • Travelling
  • Travelling to different countries is wonderful, we see and experience different cultures, cuisines, and people. It is the wish of everyone to visit different countries on every vacation.
  • When you wish to travel, you will need a passport. It is essential that travelers also carry their birth certificates along with them as well, especially when they are planning to migrate to a foreign country for good. The information present on the birth certificate is taken into consideration by the government of the nation which the individual wishes to move into.
  • The first document which is required for the registration of passport is birth and citizenship.
  • A birth certificate will act as proof of your identity in every country on a global scale.
  • Driving License
  • For any person who wants to drive any vehicle needs a driving license. Driving license is a must for driving as it acts as a benchmark of safety. The authorities in charge test the capability of the individual based on their driving skills as well as on their knowledge of traffic rules.
  • In India, a Driving license is given to a person who is 18 years or above. Learner licenses also are issued for people who are 16 years or above.
  • When you apply for a driving license, it is mandatory for you to submit your Birth certificate.
  • The birth certificate here acts as age proof and verifies your eligibility to apply for a driving license.
  • Voter ID
  • India being a democratic country allows its citizens to a right to vote. This right is exclusively available to only Indians who have been either born or have stayed in the country for a particular period of time. The people of India elect the representatives for the government.
  • The constitution has given the Indian citizen the power to vote which can be availed with the help of a birth certificate. The document acts as proof of your citizenship and verifies your age along with your place of birth.
  • Voter ID is a must, for voting. In order to apply for a Voter ID card, an individual must disclose the details of their birth certificate. These two documents are among the most important identity proof as it is used in various fields for identity verification.
  • To get a voter ID, you must have a birth certificate, because again voter ID is given to a person who is 18 years or above.

So these were the 5 situations where you require a Birth Certificate. For a birth certificate apply online as it has now become considerably easier as people do not have to physically appear and fill up forms in various Municipal Corporation offices. The procedure can be satisfied by visiting the official website as provided by the government of India and can be availed easily after obtaining the verification document from the hospital where the child is born.

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