Systweak Anti-Malware: Best Anti-Malware app for Android

We use our smartphone for so many things for sending personal messages. Storing personal information and for making payments online. This is because our smartphones have lots of critical information. Here it becomes necessary to keep our device safe from malwares otherwise our personal and financial information can be misused in many ways. By the time we are not depending on computers for everything we use our smartphones for doing so many things that is why malware developers are also focusing smartphones. After understanding and studying the phenomena Systweak software has developed a tool called Systweak Anti-Malware. This tool is capable to remove the malware from your device and to protect your device from a malware attack. Let us find out how this wonderful application works.

After download and install you will be on the home screen of the application which will look like this.

Home screen(Scan page): Under home screen, you can find that your device is protected or not. Green mark indicates that you are protected when it is red that means an action is required. Also, you can find some other information such as your Data base is up to date or not, weather your real-time protection is on and your last scan date. The application keep checking for the updates as soon as you start it. For the first-time application automatically scan for malware and give you a detailed report about how many malwares have been found on your device and cleaned. You can tap “Scan now” button anytime to scan your device.

View scan results: Once the scan is complete you can view scan results. In results, you will find the list of the applications which are malicious when you will swipe the malicious app you will find two options one is to uninstall it or the other one is to whitelist which means you trust the application want to keep it anyway.

Security: Next tab is security tab. Under security tab you can find non-security settings such as installation from unknown sources, some settings of developer options etc. You can turn these settings off to protect your device. Basically, the application is having these 3 options under security tab.

Installing from unknown sources– To avoid risk from the applications from unknown sources.

Development Mode– turn it off so that no one can mess with your device’s developer’s options which can seriously harm your device.

NFC– Your device use NFC to send data or payment when you touch your device with other devices. You can manage this function to keep your sharing safe and intact. Turning on this feature can allow mobile payment services, data exchange and reading and writing of tags. So, it is must to protect your privacy disabling it. You can turn it on when you knowingly require NFC.

Privacy: Under Privacy, it scans your device completely to find privacy status of apps installed. It scans your apps and display which apps can cost you money, which can track location, network access, read personal info, access calendar, monitor call, access text message, access storage, access accounts and control hardware. You can change permission for any of these apps going to options > tap on specific app to manage that app from accessing info.

More: Under More, you will find options for the following.

Whitelist: It displays all Whitelist apps. The app will exclude Whitelist selected apps for scanning purpose.

Scan History: It displays your previous scan history.

Share: Using this option, you can share this app via different mediums.

Feedback: Using this option, you can share your feedback about the app.

About: It display information about the app and its version.

Settings: When you will tap on settings it helps you to customize scan options, Deep scan is always recommended to keep your device 100% free from malware. You can also turn on/off real time protection from here.

We can say Systweak anti malware is an efficient tool to protect your device from malware. Its smart algorithms can find hidden malwares in your device and keep your device stable at the same time using whitelist feature you can keep some of your trusted applications untouched. So, what are you waiting for go and grab this amazing application from the play store for free from here.

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