5 Things to Consider When Buying a Men’s Watch

A watch is the single most essential accessory for a man; it is a fashion and aesthetic symbol. Today, we are going to give you five tips on how to choose and find a quality watch at a reasonable price. Yes, you don’t need to buy an expensive watch from a luxury brand to show good taste nowadays. Some not-so-known watch suppliers produce high-quality and unique watches at a very reasonable price.

Consider the Appearance of the Watch

Remember to consider the appearance of the watch. The watch glass, case, back cover, time needles, the surface of the dial are all crucial elements to a watch. Take a Weide watch, for example. The watch glass is clear, smooth, no bubbles, no cracks, and close to the case. And the case is uniform in color, no scratches, no defects, and no rust. The back cover of the watch is clearly marked, and it matches perfectly with the case. The three needles of hour, minute and second are straight, and there is no proper gap between the hour needle and the minute needle, between both needles and the dial surface, and between the needles and the watch glass. The calendar characters are positioned at the center of the box while the writing of the digital display is clear and has no defects.

Consider the Watch Style and Your Lifestyle

There is a large variety of watches for men. You can choose a minimalism and classic style watch for a business style or a sport casual style watch for your outdoor activities. It all depends on your lifestyle or on your age.

Most watch suppliers have considered many consumer groups among different industries and types. An example of this is WEIDE, the most popular watch brand on the Chinese market. The reason their products quickly became so popular is because of their accurate design and low-cost materials, which are both popular among young watch users. Moreover, their classic high-end men’s watches are made with high-quality materials and an elegant design, which are appreciated by many white-collar workers.

Overall, in terms of style, you can choose a watch matching your personality, occasion, clothing style, use, and so on.

Consider Your Budget and the Pricing

First, you’d better clear in mind how much is worth your budget. Buying a watch can be a useful and practical idea which can suit the wearer’s identity.

Second, understanding the pricing logic of watches is also important. In general, a watch price with a price below $250 can be considered a consumer watch. After purchasing these watches, you may feel good about their fashionable styles and you won’t feel that bad when they break after years. This kind of watches does not require a heavy initial investment and may even have a higher value after a few years. They can be considered suitable for most young people, who pursue a unique and special style.

You need to be more careful when buying a watch with a price range between $250 and $1000. The reason is that watches on this price gap may be a high-end product or you might be paying more for the brand or the endorsement from celebrities than the for the product itself.

We start to get into luxury when a watch’s price is above $1000 and below $10000. These luxury brand watches are the most well-known and when they offer products with a price higher than $10,000, those can be considered ultra-luxury watches.

Consider What Functions You Need

Different from the function of the style, the functions here are classified according to their complexity and are generally divided into two categories: simple models and complex models.

The simple model watches only have the function of displaying time or keeping up with the calendar week. The options offered by complicated models is not very meaningful for a practical use. Generally speaking, if you just want to buy a watch with basic functions, you should opt for a simple model.

Here are a few simple tips for two common problems related to the function of the watch:

For an average watch user, it is common to consider a watch as a time-consuming object and completely ignore its functions. However, as one digs deeper in the understanding of watches, you will start choosing models with more varied functions.

Watches can be divided both on the complexity of the movements and by their functions. Among the most popular watch styles, we can name the diving watches, flight watches, military watches, fashion watches, and the ordinary watches.

Recently, the diving watch has been favored by watch fans due to its eye-pleasing design and excellent waterproof performance.

Overall, the style of the watch can vary a lot based on each model. The watches with complicated functions are not certainly better and more advanced than the simple watches. Everything depends on what you need and what you like!

Consider What Material You Want

Sometimes, you may be confused on which mechanical watch to choose between a manual and an automatic model. If it is only for practical purposes, you could choose an automatic watch. Manual watches are suitable for experienced watch fans because they require some time to set up and adjust.

Quartz watches are the best choice if you only buy watches for being on time and other practical purposes. No matter which aspect you will choose, the charm of the mechanical watch after all can still attract watch fans generation after generation.

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